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How Long to Wait After Sealing Quartzite Countertops

Written by Castor Syro on February 02, 2022
Edited By Carolyn Fennek, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Christopher Miller
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Quartzite countertops are some of the finest stone materials for interior design. It is as tough as granite, looks similar to marble, and possesses quart sandstone in its composition to make it durable and long-lasting. The only thing homeowners need to watch out for is how porous the stone is.

When dealing with quartzite stone, it is required to seal it to make sure it can last for a lifetime. That is why this article is going to explain why quartzite needs to be sealed, and how long you should wait before using your countertop after it has been sealed.

Does Quartzite Need Sealing

Short answer, yes. Quartzite stone should always be sealed as it has many pores and pits in the stone which can easily trap acidic matter which can etch or stain the stone.

Quartzite is made when quartz sandstone is fused together through a combination of high heat and intense pressure when tectonic plates shift. The sandstone granules combine into a stone which is extremely hard but has a lot of pores which can trap matter.

What Happens If I Do Not Seal Quartzite

If you choose not to seal your quartzite, then you will need to be incredibly careful placing liquids on the surface. There will be a high chance of stains forming and the nice “new cabinet shine” will fade very quickly.




Sealing Quartzite Countertops

For context, a sealant is a protective layer that will soak into the pores of a countertop, preventing oils and liquids from staining the surface. As a warning, not all sealers are 100% stain proof, and many will fade with time. A sealer simply adds an extra layer of protection to your countertop to keep them healthier for longer.

Purchasing Sealant

After purchasing a quartzite countertop, the fabricator should offer to have the stone sealed upon installation. This initial sealer will typically last a year, depending on how actively used the countertop is. For following years, ask the fabricator if they have a recommended sealer like the Superior Zero Ultimate Stone Sealer. This sealer is a solvent-based formula to be VOC compliant and comes in a fresh scent. It will protect all the pores of quartzite for 6 months.

Applying Sealant

There is no one way to seal a quartzite countertop, as every solvent has different methods for sealing the stone. Follow the instructions on the bottle or container to properly seal the countertop.

Sealants can come in sprays or waxes which need to be rubbed in. Regardless of which option you choose, you should work in sections to cover the entire countertop in an even coating.

How Long to Wait After Applying Sealant

It depends how long you should wait after applying a sealant to quartzite countertops. Since every sealant is different, the bottle should recommend how long to wait before it is okay for use. On average, sealants take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to completely settle and dry.




Quartzite Countertop Care Guide

With your quartzite countertops nice and sealed, due your diligence to make sure it stays shining and healthy.

· Clean the countertop daily and keep it free from clutter and dust.

· Use coasters and trivets to absorb acidic matter from falling directly onto the countertop.

· Do not use any abrasive scrubs as it will remove the sealer faster.

· Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia to clean the countertop, as it can dull the shine and remove the sealer.

· Follow the recommendations the fabricator suggests on how often to seal the countertop



Sealing quartzite is a major step in countertop care. Thankfully, sealing quartzite countertops is not an arduous process and can be completed within a few hours, depending on what company sealing you have. Ask your local stone fabricator what they suggest, follow their instructions, and enjoy your shining quartzite countertops.

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