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Quartz Countertop Edges: What Are the Most Popular?

Written by Amanda Kaiser on November 20, 2019
Edited By Marble Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Quartz countertops will offer you a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to color and styles. But your selection is not limited to just different colors and styles, as there are also many edge profiles you can choose for your new countertop. This guide will walk you through what your countertop edge options are for quartz, along with other helpful information about the material. 

Why Choose Quartz Surfaces for Your Home? 

Quartz is a beautiful and durable engineered stone countertop material. It is manufactured by combining around 90 percent ground natural quartz with about 10 percent polyresin, although these numbers can vary slightly based on different brands. Despite not being natural stone, quartz is a very popular choice among homeowners looking for new countertops. The surfaces can be found in virtually any color and style that you could want for your home. Beyond countertops, quartz is an excellent choice for other home surfaces, such as backsplashes. 


What Are Your Edge Options for Quartz Countertops? 

As mentioned above, you will have several options when it comes to quartz countertop edges. This section will explain in further detail what edge styles you can have for your new quartz countertop. 

Standard vs. Premium Edges 

Not all edges fall in the same category. Different countertop edge profiles are often categorized as ‘standard’ or ‘premium’ based on the level of detail they have. As you can expect, premium edges will come at a higher cost than standard edges. 

What Are the Best Options for Standard Edges? 

Standard edges are very common for quartz countertops, and stone countertops in general. The following edge profiles are your best options when it comes to selecting a standard edge for your quartz countertop. 

Straight Edge 

The straight edge is a square edge that is rounded ever so slightly to prevent damage to the countertop or injuries. This edge profile is a great option if you are searching for something that looks great but does not distract from other elements you want to highlight in the room. 

Half Bevel Edge 

If you are looking to incorporate some style to the edge of your quartz countertop, consider choosing a Half Bevel edge. This edge is subtle, yet very stylish. It will allow any water that may be spilled to run off the countertop without damaging the cabinets below. Between its beauty and function, this edge is a great option for any countertop. 

Quarter Round Edge 

The slight curve of the Quarter Round edge will make your countertop appear slightly thicker. This edge is a great fit for either traditional or modern kitchen designs. In addition to your kitchen countertop, this edge looks great on bathroom surfaces as well. 

Half Bullnose Edge 

The Half Bullnose edge has a slight curve on the upper portion of the countertop that leads down to a straight lower portion. Much like the Half Bevel edge, this will allow water to run off the countertop while protecting your cabinets below. Similar to the Quarter Round edge, the Half Bullnose will make your surface appear thicker. 

Full Bullnose Edge 

One of the most popular standard countertop edges is the Full Bullnose. This sophisticated edge profile is a timeless classic and will look great on your quartz countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. 

Standard Edges: What Are the Best Options?
Straight edge
Half Bevel edge
Quarter Round edge
Half Bullnose edge
Full Bullnose edge

What Are the Best Options for Premium Edges? 

If you want a touch of luxurious style for your quartz countertops, consider going with a premium edge. You will have several elegant styles to select from that will help draw attention to your gorgeous new countertop. Below are just some of these fantastic choices. 


Ogee Edge 

Among the premium edges (and countertop edges in general), the Ogee style is the most popular selection for homeowners. The edge features a magnificent S-shaped curve. It looks particularly great in traditional kitchen settings. 

Dupont Edge 

The Dupont edge features a 90-degree angle at the top that works its way down into a rounded edge at the bottom. It is a bolder alternative to the also-stylish Ogee edge. A Dupont edge will look terrific on any countertop. 

Double Bullnose Edge 

The Double Bullnose edge is a combination of two rounded Bullnose edges. It is both a gorgeous and practical choice for your quartz countertop. 

Cove Dupont Edge 

The Cove Dupont edge features a crescent curve that makes its way down into a 90-degree angle and rounded bottom. This edge will be suitable for either modern or classic designs. 

Chiseled Edge 

If you want an edge profile that will work well with a rustic and natural style, a Chiseled edge can be the perfect option for you. This edge profile is not smoothed or rounded, giving the appearance that your surface is left in its natural state, even with an engineered stone like quartz. 

Premium Edges: What Are the Best Options?
Ogee edge
Dupont edge
Double Bullnose edge
Cove Dupont edge
Chiseled edge

What Are Laminated Edges and What Are the Best Options? 

Laminated edges essentially combine the elements of two separate edges into one. If you are looking for an edge that will make your countertop appear thicker, laminate edges will be a great choice for you. This section highlights some of the best laminated edges. 

Mitered Edge 

The Mitered edge is common for rectangular countertops that join at a 45-degree angle. This gorgeous edge profile will add simple style to your quartz countertop. 

Laminated Bullnose Edge 

The Laminated Bullnose edge adds an additional Bullnose edge to the bottom of another Bullnose. This creates a beautiful, thick appearance for your countertop. 

Ogee Straight Edge 

This magnificent edge is a combination of an Ogee edge and a Straight edge. If you enjoy the style of both edges and would like something that makes your countertop’s appearance thicker, this edge can be just what you are looking for. 

Cove Dupont/Ogee Edge 

This terrific laminated edge profile combines the detailed Cove Dupont and Ogee edges to create an amazing beautiful edge for your countertop. 

Laminated Ogee Edge 

A Laminated Ogee edge combines two classic Ogee edges to create a thicker profile. This edge will look terrific in a traditional kitchen setting. 

Laminated Edges: What Are the Best Options?
Mitered edge
Laminated Bullnose edge
Ogee Straight edge
Cove Dupont/Ogee edge
Laminated Ogee edge

How Are Quartz Countertop Edges Created? 

Quartz countertop edges (and other countertop edges) are created at a fabrication facility. The fabricator uses sophisticated technology to achieve the exact shape of the edge profile you choose. 


The most difficult part of the process for homeowners may be narrowing down their options. Whether you are looking for a beveled edge, something that is straighter or a more intricate edge, you will not struggle to find several great options. 

Edge profiles complete the look of any countertop. With that in mind, you will want to select something that you will enjoy not only now, but for years to come. Perhaps your decision will be guided simply by style, or maybe it will be guided by the combination of style and functionality. Choosing the best edge profile for your new quartz countertop will come down to you determining what your desires are for a countertop edge. 

Quartz countertops are some of the most beautiful, durable and popular options available on today’s market. The surfaces can easily become the focal point of any room you install them in. Selecting an ideal edge profile can help make the countertop that much better. Reviewing the information in this guide will help you on your way to selecting a desirable edge for your new quartz countertop.

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