Double Bullnose Countertop Edge

DOUBLE BULLNOSE countertop edge 3D
About this edge
The Double Bullnose edge combines two rounded bullnose edges, creating a look that is reminiscent of flowing water. This design will make sure to keep your cabinets dry and countertops looking great. If you are looking for an edge profile that is both stylish and practical, the Double Bullnose edge can be just what you are looking for. It is one of the most stylish edges you can choose for your countertop. It will look amazing on any countertop. You cannot go wrong selecting the Double Bullnose edge profile. Edge styles complete the look of any countertop. If you want to add style to your beautiful stone countertop, a Double Bullnose edge can help you accomplish that. This edge can leave you satisfied with your new countertop for years to come.
DOUBLE BULLNOSE countertop egde
Suitable outside: 1
Thicknesses available: 1-1/4
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