Laminated Bullnose Countertop Edge

Laminated Bullnose countertop edge 3D
About this edge
Laminated Bullnose gives the illusion of a much thicker countertop and adds a bullnose edge on the bottom of the original bullnose edge. This adds volume and smoothness, showing a complete curve for any countertop. This edge is good choice for high traffic areas. No matter what countertop you install it on, this edge looks great. If you want your countertop to have a thicker appearance, this edge is an ideal choice. Between the aesthetic and functional benefits you will receive from this edge, it is truly a great option. There are many great reasons to decide on this edge profile for your countertop. If you do, you can be pleased with your countertop for years to come. A Laminated Bullnose edge can be one of the best decisions you make for your countertop.
Laminated Bullnose countertop egde
Edge Name: Laminated Bullnose
Other Names: Laminated Bullnose
Suitable outside: 1
Thicknesses available: 1-1/4
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