Half Bullnose Countertop Edge

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HALF BULLNOSE countertop edge 3D

About This Edge

The Half Bullnose edge features a slight curve on the upper surface of the countertop, with a straight bottom portion. A Half Bullnose profile will allow water to smoothly run off of the countertop without damaging the supporting cabinets. This functional benefit can especially have an impact in the kitchen. In terms of appearance, the Half Bullnose edge will help highlight the thickness of the slab. Between its beauty and functional benefits, this edge is a great choice for any countertop. You cannot go wrong selecting the Half Bullnose edge. Edge profiles complete the look of the countertop. This edge can help draw attention to a stone countertop that is already impressive. A Half Bullnose edge on your countertop can surely leave you satisfied with your investment.

Edge Name: Half Bullnose

Other Names: Half Bullnose

Suitable Outside: Yes

Thicknesses Available: 1-1/4

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