Cove Dupont Countertop Edge

COVE DUPONT countertop edge 3D
About this edge
The Cove Dupont edge has a crescent curve that leads into a 90-degree angle with a rounded bottom. It provides a classic, refined edge profile with a touch of a modern design. It is a stylish choice for any new countertop. If you are looking to highlight the stone of your countertop, a Cove Dupont edge is an excellent choice. Edge profiles complete the look of any countertop. This edge will be a nice finishing touch to any surface. You truly cannot go wrong selecting a Cove Dupont edge. It can make a beautiful countertop that much more appealing. This edge can leave you pleased with your countertop for years to come.
COVE DUPONT countertop egde
Other Names: COVE DUPONT
Suitable outside: 1
Thicknesses available: 1-1/4
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