Countertops Tips

How long can you expect your natural stone counters to last? There's no reason to believe they won't last for thousands of years..
Corian and quartz are two of the most popular countertop options you will find. Learn more about both and which is better for your new countertops.
Granite is a very versatile building material for the home. Find out which types of the natural stone are best suited for bar tops.
Having trouble deciding what type of countertop you want to purchase for your home? Find out what your best options are for countertop materials.
Knowing how to accurately estimate a price begins with learning how to measure countertops. It requires only few simple calculations and no specialized tools.
Marble and granite are two of the most beautiful and popular natural stones you can use in your home. Find out more about these two natural stone options.
Granite countertops add natural beauty to the home. However, many companies try to pass off fake granite as real. Find out how to tell the difference.
Marble can have many uses in the home, from countertops to floors. Learn how you can properly cut the natural stone in a safe and effective way.
Do you want an estimate for new kitchen counters and aren’t exactly sure where to begin? Don't stress out! With these tips you'll be prepared for counters soon.
As a homeowner, it is essential you know how best to maintain and disinfect your home’s quartz countertops.
Trying to keep your remodeling project within your budget can be challenging. Find out what your best options are for inexpensive countertops.
Granite is one of the most attractive and durable natural stones that you can find. Learn about how much granite slabs weigh and what has an impact on weight.