Countertops Tips

Granite countertops are some of the toughest surfaces you can have in your home. Find out if they can withstand hot pans being placed on the surface.
Quartz is an excellent option for stone countertops in the home. Find out if it is a natural stone or if it was engineered in a factory.
Laminate countertops are often associated with the brand name Formica. See how Formica compares to granite countertops in different categories.
Quartz countertops are very popular on the market. Find out how these surfaces are created and transformed into beautiful and durable countertops.
How to polish granite countertops at home. Fix dull, damaged, and etched granite to bring back its original shine and luster yourself with few easy steps.
Seams are often unavoidable, especially for larger projects but there are many ways to ensure they aren't noticeable.
When it comes to granite countertop surfaces homeowners want to preserve its shine and polished finish.
A kitchen peninsula is a great option for your next kitchen remodel. Add something special to your home, and discover the ideal kitchen peninsula dimensions.
Lets compare Cambria quartz and granite based on cost, appearance and durability. Check out our guide to find the perfect stone for your home.
Corian, granite and quartz are all great material options for kitchen countertops. Use our guide to help you decide on the best one for you and your kitchen.
If you are searching to create a cleaner with natural ingredients, look no further. Here are some simple instructions using ingredients already in your home.