Countertops Tips

Before you roll up your sleeves and take on a new countertop project, let's examine all the considerations that go into a new countertop installation.
Natural stone gets all the love, but quartz-based engineered stone makes a quality countertop material that offers more diversity and less maintenance.
The high quartz content present in granite helps the stone naturally shine. Find out how you can retain this shine and enhance it with your granite.
Despite the love many homeowners and interior designers have for quartzite counters, there are still some questions about how to properly take care of it.
Before your new countertops are installed, a template must be created to establish accurate measurements. Find out how templates are made and more.
There are standard depths for countertops, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. Find out more about the exact measurements before you install your new counter.
If you are searching for a countertop that is not harmful to the environment, you will have many options. Learn what the best green countertop choices are.
Natural stone countertop thickness varies based on preference and price. Learn how to know how thick to go to ensure total satisfaction with your countertops.
A quick and effective step-by-step guide to sealing and protecting marble countertops, a key part of keeping your marble countertops in perfect condition.
There is a standard measurement for countertop overhang. Find out what it is and how much overhang you should have for various kitchen surfaces.
Removing countertops is an important part of any home remodeling project. Find out what the step-by-step process is as well as other helpful hints.
A countertop may look nice but may not be very durable. Learn which countertop options are the most durable and the pros and cons associated with each.