What is the Standard Countertop Depth?

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If you are installing your own new countertops or perhaps are just curious about the installation process, you may be wondering what the standard depth for countertops is. This answer varies depending on which room you are installing the countertop in. For example, there are different standards for the kitchen and the bathroom. There are also several factors that counter depth is dependent on. The standards and factors are explained in further detail below.


What is Countertop Depth?

Countertop depth refers to the measurement from the front of the countertop to the back of the countertop. This measurement spans from the edge to the wall behind the counter. 

What is the Standard Depth of a Kitchen Counter? 

Standard Kitchen Countertop Depth
Cabinet Depth 24 inches
Countertop Depth 25 ½ inches
Overhang Depth 1 ½ inches

The standard depth for kitchen countertops is 25 ½ inches deep. While you can have a countertop that is deeper, countertops that measure more than 25 ½ inches deep have vast amounts of wasted space. Having a standard depth countertop will not only look good but will help you maximize your space. 

What is the Standard Depth of a Bathroom Counter? 

Standard Bathroom Countertop Depth
Cabinet Depth 18-21 inches
Countertop Depth 19 ½-22 ½ inches
Overhang Depth 1 ½ inches

As mentioned, the standard depth for countertops in the bathroom will be different from that of kitchen countertops. Standard bathroom countertops are between 19 ½ to 22 ½ inches deep. This can also change based on different factors, but as with kitchen countertops, the standard depth of bathroom countertops will help you maximize space. 

What is the Standard Depth for Kitchen Island Countertops? 

Although it is in the same room, the standard depth for kitchen island countertops is different from that of kitchen countertops. The standard depth for a kitchen island (without a breakfast bar) is 27 inches deep. This depth of a countertop with a breakfast bar will vary depending on the size of a breakfast bar. 

What Factors Determine the Standard Depths of Countertops? 

There are a few factors that determine these standard depths. The primary factor is the size of the base cabinets. In the kitchen, the standard countertop depth of 25 ½ inches allows for enough of a difference to make the cabinet doors or drawers accessible. Typically, kitchen cabinet depth will be 24 inches deep. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, the standard countertop depth of 19 ½ to 22 ½ inches deep represents a difference of 1 ½ inches from the base cabinets, which should be 18 to 21 inches deep. This 1 ½ inch difference is sufficient to make the cabinets accessible. 


In addition to cabinet size, The Americans With Disabilities Act Accessible Guidelines state that the counters must have at least 30 inches of accessible space, with the counter between 28 and 34 inches high and with a minimum of 27 inches knee clearance below. This makes the space accessible for wheelchair users. 

Countertop depth will vary based upon what room the surface is in and how large the base cabinets are. In general, your countertop depth should be 1 ½ inches more than the depth of the base cabinets. Keep this information in mind when installing new countertops in your home.

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