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Standard Countertop Overhang: Measurements and Helpful Information

Written by Amanda Kaiser on October 31, 2019
Edited By Stephen Baez, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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There are standard measurements that guide how long and wide a kitchen countertop should be. There are also similar measurements that serve as standards for base cabinets. To go along with these measurements, there is a standard countertop overhang as well. 

What is Countertop Overhang? 

The overhang is the part of the countertop that extends to cover the drawers and cabinets below and prevent crumbs, spills and more from falling off the countertop. 

What is the Measurement for Standard Countertop Overhang? 

Standard countertop overhang is 1 ½ inches. Keep in mind that this is 1 ½ inches over the front edge of the base cabinet. While some countertops may have different overhang measurements, this is the number that is seen as standard for homes. 

Standard Overhang: Kitchen Island Countertop 

The standard overhang for kitchen island countertops is 12 inches. However, as with regular countertops, custom kitchen islands may have different overhang measurements. 


Standard Overhang: Raised Bar Top 

A raised bar should be between 42 to 48 inches high. This will provide enough room to accommodate bar stools. For these surfaces, the standard overhang is 12 inches. 

Standard Overhang Measurements
Countertop 1 ½ inches
Island 12 inches
Bar Top 12 inches

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some frequently asked questions related to standard countertop overhang. 

How Much is the Standard Overhang for Granite Countertops? 

The standard overhang for granite countertops is 1 ½ inches (12 inches for an island), just like the standards in general. 

Can You Extend the Overhang on a Kitchen Island Countertop? 

Yes, you can extend the overhang on a kitchen island countertop. However, you may need to install supports such as corbels or legs. 

Countertop overhang will depend on various other measurements, such as the countertop itself and cabinetry. That said, there are standard dimensions that can help guide you as you plan out your kitchen remodel. It is important to be aware of standard dimensions considering that they are a critical part of establishing an effective kitchen design. Through reviewing this guide, you can be aware of what standard countertop overhang is and keep it in mind as you are planning your home remodeling project.

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