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On, our main goal is to properly educate homeowners on stone countertops and other stone features. There is plenty of information out there online on choosing and caring for countertop material, but not all of it is correct. Here at, we put proper, science-based information as our top priority so our readers can make the right choice for them.

Stone home renovation can feel complex and hard to understand, but not at We take pride in explaining the science and art behind stone countertops in a way that both homeowners and professional designers can understand.

We understand that picking stone features can be overwhelming. With so many materials available at, how do you choose? With our helpful guides, we help you understand everything you need to know and make the right decision for you and your home.

The journey to new stone renovations is different for everyone, so we are here to help every step of the way. No matter who you are, expert or total beginner, we have you covered ? free of judgment.

Mission Statement

We want to be your trusted source for information on everything stone related, from countertops to other home stone renovations.

Our Content Creation

The Healthline editorial and medical teams are committed to creating quality content and experiences by upholding the highest journalistic standards. We strive to provide comprehensive, unbiased, honest, and timely guidance and actionable next steps.

Our Expert Team’s content is ensured to be factually accurate as it is created, fact checked, and reviewed by a team of qualified writers, editors, and stone construction experts. We take pride in having a team of highly skilled in-house contributors, all of whom make it their mission to provide authoritative content.

Our Review Process’s content is reviewed by expert journalists, stone home renovation professionals, and home decor gurus to ensure our readers are getting the most accurate information possible.

Our Writers carefully assesses all potential blog writers. We vet our content creators for subject matter expertise as well as properly train them on our ongoing stone home renovation practices.

Our Sources

Our editorial staff takes great pride in ensuring that all information is sourced from science-based, peer-reviewed sources. Every article is thoroughly researched and written through an unbiased lens to ensure our readers get the best information available. Primary sources, including studies, scientific research and statistics can be found linked within each article.

Staying Current

Home decor trends change, scientific discoveries are made, and standards are shifted. Here at, we update our articles regularly to ensure that the information is timely and accurate.

Updates can be prompted by:
Changes in construction standards
Home design trends drastically altered
New geological discoveries
Reader feedback or concerns

When a reader alerts us to potential misinformation in our content, such as inaccurate or outdated facts, our expert team reviews the message and takes appropriate, immediate action.

If you have any questions or concerns about our content, please contact us at

Our Voice

Many home renovation blogs use unnecessary jargon and write content only for experts. Here at, we choose our words carefully to ensure no one is alienated and everyone is welcome. We use warm, approachable, but still professional and informative language to ensure that readers of every knowledge level are respected.

Our writers follow a modified Associated Press style as well as our own personal Style Guide. Our content is consistent, accurate and creative with language that will promote positive change in our readers’ lives and home

Inclusivity and Empathy

All readers are welcome at We consider ourselves trusted allies to all individuals regardless of who they are. Our writers wish to touch the hearts of all readers with informational, professional empathy.

We are inclusive and compassionate and hope to write content that is both user-centered and actionable.

Feedback Welcome

Our goal is to provide our readers with the very best experience. We want to hear from you if you think we can do better with our content. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please let us know by contacting us at

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