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What is a Bullnose Edge on a Countertop

Written by Jorelle Baker on July 05, 2023
Edited By Stephen Baez, Last Updated On July 28, 2023
Reviewed By Castor Syro
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Every year, thousands of people are installing or upgrading their homes and businesses with natural stone. The elegant and historic imagery of a stone countertop is an automatic talking point where people will be sharing your countertops for hours.                                                                                                            

Something people often overlook with stone countertops are the edging styles that match them. Regular guests do not often notice edging, but for those who know where to look, then they know that countertop edging is where the countertop’s personality and style shine. One of the most popular options for a stone countertop is the bullnose edge.

There is a lot to cover with the bullnose edge, so sit back and follow along as we guide you on everything you need to know about a bullnose edge.

What is a Bullnose Edge

A bullnose edge is an edging style that is smooth and rounded to create a semi-circular curse over the countertop. The smooth edge provides safety and security for families with little children running around and reduces the risk of injury from a pointed corner. The name is very direct as the bullnose edge was named from the rounded nose of a bull or cow.



What Type of Edge is the Bullnose

The bullnose is primarily a popular edge, but there are unique styles which can be classified as premium. The most basic styles of bullnose edges are often popular edges, making them easily affordable to any homeowner or business owner looking for a simple, yet creative look for their stone countertops.

Depending on the company, a popular edge is free with a purchase and installation of a stone countertop. If this option is available, then a client can receive a bullnose countertop edge for free!


What Styles of Bullnose Edging are There?

While the bullnose edge is very popular, it is one of the few popular edges which can be customized to specific angles. These angles and styles can upgrade the bullnose edge from popular to a premium or laminate edge.

Full Bullnose

The full bullnose edge is a completely rounded edge that is perfect for traditional style kitchens, bathrooms, and office spaces. As you can see, this edge is completely smooth and rounded from the top, around the edge and underneath, creating a soft edge to slide or bump into without harm. This is one of the most popular options for the bullnose edge.

Half Bullnose

The half bullnose edge features a rounded curve on the upper surface, with a straight portion for the underside. It is called the half bullnose, because only half of the edge is shaped in the bullnose style. It still provides the same safety and benefits as the full bullnose; the bottom edge is still safe and slightly rounded to avoid collisions or reduce impacts. Depending on what style a client is looking for, the half bullnose edge is a popular edge, making it easily affordable.

Demi Bullnose

The demi bullnose edge features a curve that extends further back on the countertop than other rounded edges, with a flat surface for the underside. This is the last option for a popular bullnose edge before extra styles are included which will consider them an upgrade. The demi bullnose is more subtle and gentle, making the edge have a more natural and rounded edge than the others which are more quick rounded corners.

Double Bullnose

Considered a premium edge, the double bullnose edge combines two rounded bullnose edges together to create a look similar to that of water gently flowing down gentle stones. Which is exactly what the double bullnose edge can provide as water will easily fall right off this edge, protecting your cabinets from water damage. The rounded edges end with a straight edge which still provides a gentle and smooth texture to slide across without worry of clothing getting caught.

Cove Bullnose

The cove bullnose combines the premium edge of cove with the popular bullnose to manifest an edge that is decorative, lavish, and practical. An edge this fancy would look amazing on a kitchen island where it can stand more. This edge is a combination of two edges, it is not classified as a laminate edge, making it slightly more expensive for an upgrade.

Laminate Edges

A laminate edge is a catch-all term to describe two edges that are combined together. This customization can vary depending on what a client wants, so the price will be quite pricey. Clients can combine anything to create a beautiful edge all their own. The bullnose flourishes with straight, ogee, bevel, and cove dupont.




Advantages of a Bullnose Edge

As anyone can see, there is a wide variety of bullnose edges available for stone countertops. Just to help condense things down a bit, let’s go over all the advantages of a bullnose edge.

· Rounded: Every bullnose edge has a rounded curve which makes it a smooth and comfortable surface to lean against.

· Safe: The rounded design ensures there are no sharp corners or edges that will hook onto clothing or provide an unsafe space for children to bump their heads. Even the demi bullnose edge has a curved bottom making it safe for everyone.

· Interior Design Variety: The bullnose edges fit well with traditional, contemporary, modern, or minimalist style rooms or businesses. It is versatile enough that it can fit into any room you want.

· Affordable: Many of the bullnose options (full, half, demi) are popular edging options, making them easily affordable or potentially free when purchasing a countertop.


Disadvantages of a Bullnose Edge

Of course we should always cover any disadvantages the bullnose edge has, even if they are minimal.

· Mainstream: Bullnose edges are popular, but that also means they can be seen everywhere. For homeowners or business owners who want a special and unique edge, then the bullnose is too mainstream to be considered.

· Captures Crumbs: Crumbs and dust can stick to the underside of the bullnose edges if not routinely checked. When combined with others edged to create indents or seams, it is easy for food crumbs or other gunk to wedge itself inside, making it difficult to remove.



The bullnose edge is one of the most popular countertop edging options for a reason. It is beautiful, elegant, simple, smooth, and everything a homeowner or business owner would want for their space. It comes with enough variety to fit any interior design style, with the majority of its options being easily affordable or free when installed with a new stone countertop.

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