Buying Guide

Granite countertops are a beautiful fixture in any home, especially in the bathroom. Learn how much you should set aside from your budget and more.
A popular countertop material for quite some time, quartzite countertop costs have gone down drastically over the past several years.
Natural stone and wood countertops tend to cost a pretty penny making some consider laminate as an alternative.
Granite and wood are two of the most common countertop materials having the ability to create a trendy and elegant space.
One of the most important things to consider when choosing a stone is durability. Check out our helpful guide comparing quartz and granite head to head.
Granite comes in multiple finishes, including polished and honed. Check out our guide for average cost as well as pros and cons of the beautiful honed granite
Many homeowners wonder: what textures can granite come in? In our guide, we breakdown the difference between polished, leathered and honed granite finishes.
Soapstone is a gorgeous stone but it has some issues with durability and appearance changes. Check out our guide for granite that looks like soapstone.
The cost of a stone fireplace can seem high, but they are less expensive than you think. These factors can help you pick the perfect stone fireplace for you.
Two of the most popular countertop materials are granite and concrete. We examine the pros and cons of each stone, and help you decide on what's best for you.
Porcelain is a gorgeous material that provides both beauty and functionality. Find out more about porcelain's average cost using our helpful cost guide.