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What Backsplash Goes With Blue Dunes Granite

Written by Koax on March 28, 2022
Edited By Amanda Kaiser, Last Updated On January 03, 2024
Reviewed By Tomasz Rydwelski
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A good-looking stone should always be paired with something that will help accentuate the rest of your interior. Typically, your backsplash should be a lighter color than your flooring or countertop needs. If you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom, the choice of your installation is determined by understanding the cohesive connection in the spaciousness of your room.

Figuring this out helps homeowners to decide whether it is the appeal that they’re after or whether it is the affordability that they value most. Typically, you’ll have to decide what kind of material you want installed for the tiles in the spaces of your home. The main focus with this is finding and coordinating matching veins when it comes to stones.


Blue Dunes Granite

Something to note about Blue Dunes granite is that the colors are earthy, rather than blue. With a blend of cream, grey, and black aftertones, the granite actually retains blue specks in a neutral scheme. It is preferably best suited with cherry cabinets and a darker floor since it imbues a rustic look to your kitchens and bathrooms. Homeowners looking to add this slab into their homes should consider all the requirements that may go into such an application. 

Most home projects involve a complete renewal of the interior, and you have to understand the kind of interior you’re looking to design. No matter which style or flair you’re going for, you should know which inspiration will suit your Blue Dunes best. This sort of granite is best-suited for a traditional style. With this concept in mind, you’ll have an easier time to find the right backsplash that will benefit your walls. 


How To Pick A Backsplash For Granite

Homeowners will want to know just how to select the kind of tiles that they want installed along with their granite. Remind yourself that it is the veins of the granite that will ultimately help you choose the tile. By looking at the colors of your granite’s veins, you can pick a correlating or similar pigment that will match the stone’s definitive aspect.

The more extravagant homeowner will probably opt into buying travertine tiles for their countertops. Travertine is a sedimentary material that utilizes unique swirls and distinct characteristics that make it look so conceptual. Depending on whether you want a polished, honed, brushed, or tumbled finish to the travertine, homeowners should have an easier time in envisioning what their rooms will ultimately look like. 


Know The Amount Of Backsplash Required

Think about how much of your space you want covered. As the homeowner, you need to think about what kind of statement you want to convey when guests visit. Your backsplash can be an uproarious utterance, or it can be a quiet whisper. In either case, homeowners should measure out and plan how much of the portions in your spaces are needed for this project.  

Essentially, you’re trying to install a backsplash to prevent any mishaps or risks and to minimize the damage that would involve moisture and grease. Homeowners can contemplate whether a standard backsplash is what they need or whether a full backsplash is more appropriate for your kitchen or bathroom. 


Focal Point

Besides the color of the backsplash, other factors to keep in mind are the patterns and styles that should be applied. Since adding a backsplash is only the installation itself, you have to consider the possible finishes. You have many different assortments of designs and visualizations to choose from. The purpose of a focal point is to think about which portion of your space that you want the eyes to focus on.

There are certain themes that a homeowner will typically go off of. There are many different themes to think about. You can match the opposites, enhance any special details, consider glass tiles, or think about installing ceramic tiles. Since there is quite the number of options to choose from, homeowners should have a favorable visualization in mind.


When you contemplate on the theme of matching opposites, your space can have light granite accentuate a busy-looking design. Or you have the adjacent choice of giving your backsplash some subtlety and making the Blue Dunes pop instead. Either combination will make your kitchen or bathroom look creative and unique. You should also consider the cost of different kinds of granite before finalizing your decision on Blue Dunes granite.

Emphasizing the attributes and details of your granite is another way to employ the unique qualities of your spaces. By choosing an identifier, like an eccentric spot, color, or pattern, you can essentially figure out what kind of design harmonizes with the remainder of your rooms. A piece of advice is for homeowners to find backsplash options that will make the room pop. The granite will help you in those regards.



Besides the many other routes that you can take for how you can stylize your backsplash, there are ways to make your kitchen or bathroom splendid. In fact, you have a wide range of materials to install as your tiles. You can use glass, ceramic, travertine, or marble tiles. And each of these options come with their own respective benefits. 

Glass tiles are especially advantageous due to the clean, illustrious appearance that they give off, paired with your granite. While ceramic offers many different color schemes, to truly make your granite’s veins and spots a spectacle, you need to think about the arrangements that detail those palettes. The travertine tiles are somewhat old-school but they’re an iconic addition to your home that will support your Blue Dune above all else.


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