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Honed Granite Cost: Ultimate Buying Guide

Written by Cabrini Rudnicki on April 22, 2021
Edited By Marble Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Granite is typically well-known for its shiny, high-gloss appearance, but there are actually other variations of granite. There are many different finishes available for granite, including polished, which has the traditional glossy look, and honed, a more matte finished version. 


While polished granite may look more dramatic than honed, it is actually honed granite that is the more expensive of the two. Check out our guide on honed granite cost.

What is granite?

Granite is a naturally occurring stone that is one of the best in the industry for home projects. It is an igneous rock, meaning it was formed through the cooling of lava over millions of years. It is a combination of a number of minerals, including natural quartz, feldspar, and subtle amounts of other minerals. 

This stone is found throughout the world, from Brazil to Italy. It comes in a wide variety of colors, with over 600 colors available for purchase on 

It typically comes at a 6 or 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning it is a relatively hard stone capable of taking on everyday wear-and-tear. It is scratch, chip, stain, and heat resistant. 

The stone is used in a variety of places around a home, including, but not limited to: countertops, vanity tops, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, bar tops, and outdoor living areas. 

The stone requires minimal care. Homeowners are recommended to use a daily cleaner of soapy water to wipe down the surface. The stone requires a sealant, which should be reapplied every six months to a year. This process can be done by the homeowner and is relatively easy and painless.

On top of the many color variations available for purchase, granite also comes in a variety of finishes. The three most common are polished, a high gloss finish, leathered, a slightly textured finish, and honed, a matte finish. 

What is honed granite?

One of the more popular granite finishes is honed. Polished granite is the typically thought of texture of granite: it is shiny, glossy, and luxurious. Honed granite is still luxurious but in a different way. Honed granite is flat and matte, creating a more subdued effect in comparison to polished granite. 

Honed granite slabs are created in a similar process to polished granite, however, it does not undergo the entire polishing process. Because of this, the stone retains a more matte and flat appearance and does not have a glossy shine. 

Honed granite is perfect for those looking to have a more rustic, subtle look to their stone features. This finish is beautiful and harmonizes with the rest of your decor styles more easily than polished granite does. Dark-colored granite can add contrast to a room’s decor no matter the finish, but if you desire a slightly more natural subdued look, then we recommend considering honed granite. If you want your granite to not overwhelm the rest of your home  decor, honed granite is the perfect choice for you. 

In terms of care, honed granite has similar instructions in comparison to the more common polished granite. Resealing is typically done more often with honed granite as it is more prone to staining even with a proper sealant. Another thing to note is that scratches are more easily seen on honed granite in comparison to polished granite. Darker colored honed granite may require more cleaning. 

This special finish can be added to any color granite. Polished granite is the traditional variation of granite sold by manufacturers, therefore other textures like honed granite are less readily available and thus more expensive. Check out our guide for what determines honed granite cost.

Honed Granite Cost 

Granite typically goes for $35 to $100 per sq. foot. While there are specifically made honed granite slabs available, polished granite can be made honed. Typically, the total price for honed granite is as follows: the price of the regular polished granite + the price of honing per sq. foot. Because of this, it typically goes for slightly more expensive than its polished alternative. The higher price tag is due to it being a rarer finish. Polished is the traditional finish and therefore usually readily made. Honed is less common.

There are a few things, other than the finish, that will determine the cost of the granite color, including the following:


Is the granite color available in small quantities or large quantities? If it is not a commonly found granite variant, then it is considered rarer and will be more expensive in general. These granites typically have more unique coloring and veining.



Where the stone was quarried has an impact on its price. For example, if it is quarried from a far away country with higher duties, it is typically more expensive in total. 

General Availability

Even if the stone is quarried nearby and in large quantities, outside issues like shipping delays may cause it to not be readily available. If you specifically choose a stone that is not readily available at the time of purchase, it may raise its price.

Pros and Cons of Honed Granite

Before you decide on honed granite, be sure to know the pros and cons of having this special finish.


  • Unique finish
  • Style harmonization
  • Durable (as well as other pros of granite in general)


  • May require more maintenance
  • More often resealing required
  • Higher costs


Unique Finish

Honed granite is extremely unique. Most granite stone features are in a shiny, high gloss finish. Honed granite is perfect for those looking to be more unique than their peers. This stone still has a strong sense of luxury, however, it is a trendier, more unique finish than polished granite.

Style Harmonization

A matte finish stone will harmonize better with other styles. While a polished finished stone will bring all attention to the stone feature, a honed stone is matte and will blend in with other textures and styles more easily. A matte finish will also suit more subdued styles like rustic or farmhouse better than a shiny finish.


Honed granite also has all of the usual benefits of other granite finishes. The stone is high quality and gorgeous, as well as highly durable. 


May Require More Maintenance

Honed granite may require more maintenance in comparison to polished granite. This is because the surface of the stone is more exposed and therefore may be more prone to staining. Be sure to immediately clean up liquids or food as soon as the spill occurs in order to prevent future staining.

Must Apply Sealant More Often

Because of the before mentioned staining issues, honed granite typically requires more sealant reapplications than polished granite. While polished granite should be resealed roughly every six months to a year, honed granite should be done much more frequently. Resealing is an easy and quick process, so it is not much of an inconvenience, however, it should definitely be taken into consideration before you make a big purchase. 


Higher Cost

As we’ve mentioned, honed granite is typically more expensive than polished granite as it is less common and less readily available. 


Honed granite is a matte finish style granite that is typically slightly more expensive than polished granite. The actual price varies based on many factors, however, typically granite goes for $35 to $100 per sq. foot. Honed granite is right for you if you are looking for a unique stone that will harmonize well with other decor without stealing the spotlight. 

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