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Brian Freeman has been in the Granite and Marble industry for as long as he can remember. Brian has over a decade of experience in the stone industry. Brian started out at as a sales associate and has since worked his way up the corporate ladder. Brian writes Marble as a passion project and loves to share his knowledge with readers. Brian is an expert in all things stone.

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What Are the Best Types of Travertine?

What Are the Best Types of Travertine? image
Table of Contents What is Travertine?  What Are the Best Types of Travertine?  What Are the Pros and Cons of Travertine?  How Much Does Travertine Cost?  What Else is Travertine Used For?  Travertine is one of the most versatile home building materials you will find. From travertine tile flooring to travertine countertops and backsplashes, this natural stone is one of the most beautiful mat...

What Are the Best Marble Alternatives?

What Are the Best Marble Alternatives? image
Table of Contents Which Materials Are the Best Substitutes for Marble?  Quartz  Quartzite  Granite    Marble countertops are a must-have for many homeowners. However, when evaluating your countertop options, it is never a great idea to become fixated on only one material. While marble is a terrific natural stone, there are plenty of marble alternatives you can find on the market. Whether na...