Copper Mountain 287 Quantra Quartz

Copper Mountain is an attractive engineered stone, which is created from quartz. Quartz countertop materials can be used for a variety of applications, ranging from kitchens, bathrooms, and other indoor areas. Quartz is heat, stain, and scratch resistant, making it a durable option for countertops. Sealing is not required.
Original Name: Copper Mountain 287 Quantra
Material Type: Quartz
Absorption by weight (%):
Density (kg/dm3):
Compressive strength (n/mm2):
Colors: Grey,Black
Other Names:  
Online ID: 810
Country of Origin: India
Pattern Type: Consitent
Abrasion resistance hardness (mm:
Bending strenghts (n/mm2):
Outdoor use:

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