Virtual Room Designer

Virtual Room Designer is our exclusive, web-based virtual reality tool. It enables users to browse the full range of’s stones in a high definition virtual space. Simply start with a room layout that matches your own, and customize all the finishes to match, such as countertops, cabinetry, flooring, and walls. Take the design challenge into your own hands!

virtual room UI on a mac and iphone

Room Design Made Easy

3d room layout

Step 1
Select Your Room

Find a kitchen, bathroom, living room, or dining area that closely resembles your space. We have hundreds of professionally-designed rooms to inspire you.

sample stone slabs

Step 2
Select Your Finishes

Browse through our complete stone inventory and pair your selections with thousands of potentially complementary finishes like wall colors, flooring, furniture, and more.

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Step 3
Save and Share

Save, share, embed, or print your designs with the click of a button. Your ideas deserve recognition, and we made it easier to share your creativity with friends and family.

Select Your Room To Start Designing