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Beautiful Granite Counters to Pair with Oak Cabinets

Written by Cabrini Rudnicki on July 03, 2021
Edited By Brian Freeman, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Oak cabinetry was a popular home decor addition in the 1980s and 1990s. If you own a home built or renovated during this time period, you likely have oak cabinets in your kitchen. If you are looking to renovate your home, you may feel frustrated by the outdated style of oak but before you bring out the sledgehammer, consider switching up other nearby decor pieces and bring out the best in your oak cabinets.

One of the best ways to enhance your oak cabinets is brand-new granite countertops. Durable and beautiful, this stone material brings out the best in any home style, but next to oak cabinets, an exhilarating ambiance is created with a mix of natural materials. Find out the best granite colors to pair with this orange-tinted wood.

Oak Cabinetry

Oak is a popular choice for home projects as it is both beautiful and durable. The style is versatile, capable of pairing with many color combinations and home decor styles, however, nowadays a kitchen with oak cabinetry may be considered to be outdated. With a stone countertop renovation, you can enhance the style of your home while keeping your highly durable oak cabinets.


Oak has an open-grain pattern with highly durable physical properties. Instead of water soaking into the wood, water runs off of oak cabinets. Typically, oak is associated with having an orange-tinted honey-like color. This is a more affordable option in comparison to other wood, with it being around 20% cheaper than other hardwoods. 

This cabinetry style was particularly popular in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s. They are extremely durable, meaning that they are likely still in homes built or renovated during this time period. Today, many individuals feel the style is outdated and overpowering. 

Check out our ideas for granite stone countertops that will pair perfectly with oak cabinets, and create a fantastic modern ambiance while still utilizing the pieces already in your home. Granite is one of the best materials for home stone renovation features. Resistant to heat, staining, and scratching, we highly recommend pairing your oak cabinets with granite. 

Granite with Oak Cabinets

Striking Patterns

Oak has a simple and consistent pattern, and it will pair beautifully with intricate patterns on granite. The simplicity will bring out the details of the granite design, and allow you to try out even the most daring patterns.

Our top pick for granite with striking patterns is Arcobaleno Blue granite, which has brush stroke-like veins like an artist painted the surface of this stone. Colors of orange, violet, and blue adorn the granite slab. Keep an artistic whimsy by pairing this with oak cabinets.

We also recommend Van Gogh granite, which, like Arcobaleno, is a beautiful work of art. Just like the name suggests, this stone looks like a famous oil painting worthy of a museum. A mix of deep blue, orange, white, and yellow covers this stone. 

Arcobaleno Blue Granite

Blue or Green Colors

While oak can be stained in different colors, typically, oak is a honey orange shade. By using the color wheel, you can find complementary colors by looking across from the color orange. The ultimate complementary colors for honey orange oak are green and blue. By pairing a blue or green granite countertop with oak, you can bring out the intense colors of both features. 

Our top pick for blue granite is Baltic Blue granite, which is a rich royal blue stone with clouds of grey and white, allowing it to be both a stunning pop of color as well as a more neutral feature.

In terms of green stones, we recommend Verde Bamboo granite, which features different colors of green, both calm sage and deep jewel tone emeralds. Small elements of deep blue are also on the stone slab, further pairing well with the orange honey tone of the oak cabinets. 

Baltic Blue Granite

Sleek, Simplistic White

If a more colorful stone isn't to your taste, oak cabinets can also pair beautifully with sleek white simplistic stones. The natural open grain of oak paired with a consistent white slab will create a Scandinavian style of minimalistic and simplistic ambiance. 

Our top pick for a simplistic white granite is Snow White granite, which looks exactly like freshly fallen snow. It is completely white with slight light grey details for added depth. Paired with Oak cabinets, the two simple and sleek elements will create a contemporary, mature vibe to a kitchen. 

Another great pick in terms of white granite is Colonial White granite, a white stone with tiny dots of black and grey. Although not a completely plain stone, it is a great alternative for individuals looking for something just a little extra. 

Beige and Brown

A harmonious design can be created by pairing a wood cabinet with a brown or beige stone. Mix different browns and beiges with the oak tones to create an interesting design style that is both neutral and eclectic. 

Our top pick for this style is Lapidus Gold Granite, a yellow-beige stone with dark brown spots and light grey smudging. Next to oak cabinets, this stone will look absolutely perfect! In a traditional family-style kitchen, this stone will shine.

Another great option is Kosmus granite, a darker option. With medium brown and waves of black-brown smudges, this stone is a statement piece next to oak cabinets. The mid-tone brown will harmonize with the oak cabinets, allowing you to have a kitchen that is easy on the eyes. 


Multiple Tones

Another fantastic way to utilize the simplicity of oak cabinets is to pair multiple stone styles in one space. As oak cabinets are neutral, they can help to ground a color combination of multiple styles. 

This is your chance to pair multiple colors and get creative with your space. Pair a neutral stone-like Aspen White granite with a colorful stone-like Costa Esmeralda granite. Or get extra creative and pair two bright colorful stones, like Red Dragon and Platinum Pearl granite. 


With the many stone styles available for purchase on, it can be difficult to choose a slab for a home project. If you have oak cabinets, consider our above style picks for your next project, or check out some of our other style guides or gallery images. 

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