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Granite Bathroom Design Ideas: Best Designs

Written by Angela Warren on October 31, 2019
Edited By Brian Freeman, Last Updated On May 29, 2023
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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While granite countertops steal the show in the kitchen, it is important to not neglect the bathroom during any home remodeling project. Bathroom countertops and other surfaces can effectively utilize granite to create a room that will take your breath away. When planning your bathroom remodel, granite is one of the best natural stones you can use. Whether you incorporate the stone as a countertop, vanity top, backsplash, tub surround or other surface, a granite bathroom is sure to please. This guide covers the best design ideas for granite bathrooms. 


What Are the Best Design Ideas for Granite Bathrooms? 

The following is an analysis of the best granite bathroom designs. Incorporating any of these designs into your home can help drastically transform your bathroom for the better. 

Juparana Persia Granite Bathroom 

Juparana Persia granite is an amazing Brazilian stone that features tones of brown, white and beige. The stone brings light and life to this bathroom countertop and looks terrific paired with wood cabinetry. 

Bordeaux Granite Bathroom 

This gorgeous bathroom countertop features Bordeaux granite. The black, pink and red tones of this stone look great with the dark cabinets beneath. This stone also looks amazing as a tub surround. 

Tan Brown Granite Bathroom 

This gorgeous vanity top features the popular Tan Brown granite. The brown, black and red tones add to the overall design of this bathroom. 

Green Ocean Granite Bathroom 

This Green Ocean granite bathroom countertop features an ogee edge. It is quite an elegant look paired with the dark cabinetry. 

Blue Fire Granite Bathroom 

Blue Fire granite looks amazing as a tub surround, as pictured here. It is also an ideal choice for vanity tops. 

Giallo Padova Granite Bathroom 

This small bathroom features a lovely Giallo Padova granite vanity top. 

Black Thunder Granite Bathroom 

This luxurious bathroom features incredible Black Thunder granite countertops. The waterfall edge on this countertop adds an extra touch of class. 

Corsica Grey Granite Bathroom 

This bathroom is highlighted by a simple yet stylish Corsica Grey granite countertop. The walls of the room further add to the light grey theme. 

Bianco Diamante Granite Bathroom 

If you are looking for a neutral colored natural stone to incorporate into your bathroom, Bianco Diamante granite is a fantastic choice. In this bathroom, the countertop pairs wonderfully with the white cabinetry and walls. 

Bianco Antico Granite Bathroom 

The focal point of this amazing bathroom is the Bianco Antico granite countertops. The faucets, cabinet pulls and other fixtures perfectly complement the countertop. 

Giallo Napoleone Granite Bathroom 

If you are looking for a natural pop of color and style, you cannot go wrong with Giallo Napoleone granite, featured here on this vanity top

Absolute Black Granite Bathroom 

The Absolute Black granite countertop in this bathroom works in perfect contrast to the white subway tile that adorns the walls. 

White Torroncino Granite Bathroom 

White Torroncino granite looks absolutely incredible as a vanity top, as seen in the picture above. It is also a great choice for various other bathroom installations, including shower ledges and bench seats. 

Giallo Napole Granite Bathroom 

The mixture of brown, white and grey tones in Giallo Napole granite make for a stunning vanity top. The colors stand out wonderfully against the white walls and white cabinetry. 

Giallo Floritio Granite Bathroom 

The Giallo Floritio granite countertop brings an excellent touch of natural beauty to this master bathroom. 

Florence Gold Granite Bathroom 

Nothing says style quite like a Florence Gold granite bathroom vanity top. The brown and beige speckles of the stone give the room character. 

Colonial Cream Granite Bathroom 

Colonial Cream granite countertop pairs beautifully with the brass sink and faucets in this bathroom. This stone also looks amazing paired with the dark cabinetry below. 

White Fiorita Granite Bathroom 

This magnificent bathroom features White Fiorita granite countertops. The stone is a beautiful blend of grey and white tones. 

Verniz Tropical Granite Bathroom 

This gorgeous Italian granite is an amazing blend of brown, beige and white that complements the white cabinetry in the room. Verniz Tropical granite will create the feeling of an elegant bathroom. 


Why Choose Granite for the Bathroom? 

There are many terrific reasons to choose granite for bathrooms. Not only is it a beautiful and durable countertop material, but it will also have those same qualities if used as a backsplash, tub surround or other surface. Granite kitchen countertops are often the first aspect that catches anyone’s eye when spending time in the kitchen, but the stone countertop (or other surfaces) will look amazing in the bathroom as well. 

Reasons to Choose Granite for the Bathroom

Bathroom design is a major part of home design in general. Having a stylish bathroom can make your home that much more appealing. The granite bathroom ideas highlighted above can provide you with inspiration as you look to complete your home improvement project.

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