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Countertop Trends: Best Current Styles for Your Home

Written by Christopher Miller on October 30, 2019
Edited By Brian Freeman, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Countertops are the centerpiece of any kitchen. Kitchen countertops can determine how the room looks and feels. Considering the importance of countertops, you will want to choose something that is an ideal color, texture and finish for your home. Because of this, you will want to stay up on the most recent countertop trends. This guide will provide you with information related to current countertop trends. 

What Are the Current Trends for Countertops? 

Below is a thorough analysis of current countertop trends. Incorporating any of these trends can help keep your countertops current and stylish, all while maintaining or increasing the functionality of your space. 


Quartz Countertops Remain Popular 

Quartz has risen to popularity on the countertop market in recent years and remains one of the most popular material choices amongst homeowners. Quartz is an engineered stone that is made up of roughly 90 percent quartz mineral and about 10 percent polyresin. These specific numbers vary slightly depending on specific brands. Quartz countertops are highly desirable because of their appearance and durability, among many other factors. 

Since quartz countertops are engineered, the surfaces can be found in almost any color and style that you can think of. The surfaces can even be manufactured to look like natural stone countertops. Beyond the aesthetics of the material, quartz is one of the most durable surfaces you can choose for a kitchen countertop, backsplash, bathroom vanity top or any other home surface. No matter where you install it, a quartz countertop will look and function great. 

One of the most important aspects of quartz is that it is non-porous. This characteristic separates it from many natural stone options and helps lead to its popularity. Liquid and stains cannot penetrate the surface of quartz and you will not have to re-seal these countertops. 

With all these positives in mind, there are some drawbacks to quartz countertops. The surfaces cannot handle high amounts of heat, so you will need to be careful – especially in the kitchen. As long as you exercise the proper amount of caution, your quartz countertops can stay in terrific shape. 

Neutral Toned Countertops 

While you will be able to find countertops in a vast array of colors, flashy colors are losing popularity. Many homeowners today are choosing to install neutral-toned countertops, opting for colors such as grey or beige. Neutral colored countertops are an excellent choice considering that they will be a good fit for any décor. Choosing a neutral color for your countertop can also make your kitchen or other space feel larger. 

Full Backsplashes 

A standard backsplash will extend 4 inches from the surface of your countertop up the wall. These offer some level of protection for your walls against hazards such as spills and stains. However, recent trends have seen many homeowners opting for full backsplashes – backsplashes that cover the area in between the surface of your countertop and the bottom of your upper cabinets. Some backsplashes can even extend to the ceiling. 

Both natural and engineered stone are trendy choices for full backsplashes. Whether it is a slab of granite or quartz, a full backsplash will look terrific – and add more protection for your walls. 

Honed, Polished and Leathered Countertops 

When it comes to natural stone countertops, you will have a few different options for finishes. Three of the most popular natural stone countertop finishes are honed, polished and leathered. Honed is when the stone has not undergone the polishing process, but instead has been left with its natural look. Honed countertops have a matte appearance and are becoming quite popular in kitchens. Polished countertops feature stone that has been polished. The countertops will have a shiny and reflective appearance. Lastly, leathered countertops have also been rising in popularity in recent years. These surfaces keep the stone’s natural look while giving it a textured feel. 

Countertops with Veining 

Stone countertops that feature veining are a significant trend on the market, whether it is natural stone or engineered stone. Countertops with veins can truly bring a captivating look to your space. These surfaces have a distinct character that you will not get with plain styled countertops. 


Various Kitchen Sink Styles and Colors 

Kitchen sinks are a big part of countertops. Recent trends have seen various sizes, shapes and finishes for kitchen sinks rise to popularity. Breaking away from traditional silver metal sinks, colors such as matte black, gold and brass are becoming very popular for sinks and faucets. Both oversized sinks and farmhouse sinks are particularly trendy in 2020. 

Granite Countertops 

Since becoming a more readily available material in the early 1990s, granite has been one of the most popular countertop choices among homeowners. This remains true today, as many homeowners still decide on granite for their kitchens and other rooms. This natural stone gives you a seemingly endless array of colors, styles and patterns to choose from. Beyond the aesthetic benefits granite supplies, it is also one of the most durable materials you can choose for a countertop. Lastly, although it is not cheap, granite is the least expensive stone countertop option. There are many terrific reasons why homeowners are still choosing granite countertops. 

Stainless Steel Countertops 

Gone are the days where stainless steel is just for appliances. Recent trends have seen the material rise in demand as a countertop option. Stainless steel countertops will give any kitchen a modern feel. 

Eco-Friendly Countertops 

For homeowners who are concerned about the environment, recent trends have seen eco-friendly countertop options grow in popularity. These materials include composite countertops that are made from recycled materials such as paper or glass. 

Concrete Countertops 

Although it may not sound like a traditional countertop material, concrete is quite popular in today’s market. The material can be found in many different colors, finishes and textures. 

What Countertops Are No Longer Trending? 

In general, countertop trends will change from year to year. Rarely does anything stay popular for years on end. Below are some countertop choices that are no longer as popular as they once were. 

White Countertops 

With so many colors and styles available in the modern-day market, not many homeowners are choosing to install white countertops – or white cabinetry for that matter. Gone are the days of the traditional white kitchens. 

Subway Tile Backsplashes 

Subway tile was once one of the most popular materials for backsplashes. This is no longer the case, as many homeowners are opting for full backsplashes made of natural or engineered stone. 

How Can You Stay Within Your Budget While Following Trends? 

While staying within your budget may be the most difficult part of any home remodel, it is not impossible. Whereas options like concrete countertops are on the pricey side, you will be able to find certain types of granite countertops that are easier on your budget. That said, while you should not go well beyond your limits, you should not let your budget restrict you from getting the countertops you truly want. If the countertops are slightly more expensive than what you were looking for, they can end up being worth it in the long run considering that new countertops are not a frequent investment. You are much better off installing a material that you find attractive and that is durable enough to maintain the wear and tear it will face in the home. 


Review: What is Trending and What is Not? 

The table below recaps the information above regarding what is trending and what is not on the current market. 

Countertop Trends: What is In and What is Out?
In Out
Quartz countertops White countertops
Neutral toned countertops Subway tile backsplashes
Full backsplashes  
Honed, polished and leathered countertops  
Countertops with veining  
Various kitchen sink styles and colors  
Granite countertops  
Stainless steel countertops  
Eco-friendly countertops  
Concrete countertops  

Countertop trends are a major factor in kitchen design. Having the right countertops, and kitchen cabinets as well, can maximize the appearance and effectiveness of your space. Considering that countertops are often the focal point of the kitchen, you want to make sure you put in the effort to thoroughly assess all your options. You do not want to choose surfaces such as laminate countertops simply because they are cheap. By factoring in appearance, durability and overall quality, you will be able to find countertops that truly complete your home. This guide provides insight as to what particular trends are on the current market, which can help you make important decisions related to countertop selection.

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