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Colors of Quartz Countertops

Written by Carolyn Fennek on September 10, 2021
Edited By Castor Syro, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Tomasz Rydwelski
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Choosing a color for your quartz countertops is not as easy as deciding what color to paint your bedroom. Quartz countertops are long-lasting and will probably be with the house for its lifetime. It’s a big decision and it can cost a lot of money to completely upend and remodel your countertop if the quartz you liked at first does not match the rest of the room.

When deciding what color quartz you want to buy, take some time and research the many styles of quartz, as well as the overall feel of the room. Understanding the surroundings will help you better decide which color quartz to select.


Choosing Quartz Colors

Before shopping to see what quartz you want to install, look at the surrounding area and see what colors are currently in the room or what colors are you going to incorporate.

Lighting: How much lighting is in the room where the quartz countertop will be placed? What type of light is illuminating the room? Is there more natural light or artificial light?

Answering these questions will help understand what colors work best with the lighting provided. Lighter quartz colors will shine brighter with natural light while ambient light will provide a closer and comfier feel with warmer quartz colors.

Cabinets: What type of cabinets are in the room? Are they wooden? What color are the cabinets?

Quartz countertops, a backsplash and cabinets work as a trio to set a color scheme to the room. Each piece should have complementing colors to have the room feel like it is blending together as one room. Alternatively, having clashing colors can create a visually aesthetic appearance which can feel organized and neat.

Surroundings: What type of furniture is in the room? How much furniture is in the room? Are there any set pieces or centerpieces highlighting the room? What color are the floors?

Understanding your surroundings can provide a better sense of scale with what you are looking for with your quartz countertops. Minimal furniture and no centerpiece mean the new quartz countertop can be the eye-catch for the room; so, having a strong color to stand out would be beneficial. On the other hand, having a piece of furniture or the cabinets as the eye-catch would allow the countertops to act as a complementary color to highlight it more.

Style: What style are you going for?

If there is a specific interior design style you want to achieve, research what colors best fit that design so you can purchase the appropriate quartz to accommodate.




Quartz Countertop Colors

Quartz countertops come in a large variety of colors and shades since it is a manufactured stone. Companies are able to fabricate designs ranging from simple shades to elaborate conjurations of the imagination. Discussing every color combination and pattern is practically impossible, so going over the most common and popular options can help provide inspiration on what color you would like to install.

White Quartz

White quartz is the number one most chosen option for quartz countertop colors. Quartz countertops are fabricated to imitate the elegant bright stone and light veining of marble; meaning there are dozens of white options available.

White is the absence of color, which allows it to be a perfect partner for any color your room wishes to display. As white is represented to mean fresh, clean, and simple; a white quartz countertop will always make the room feel bright and tidy. Alternatively, it can also come in warmer shades with hints of yellow or beige, allowing it to work very well with making the space feel warm and comfortable.

Black Quartz

Black is one of those colors that is simple, refined, and goes with everything. Being the combination of every color, black can be the centerpiece of your room or function as an accent by providing negative space to highlight the cabinets or furniture. Black is always a popular choice as it adds both a sense of absence and scale to a room.

Gray Quartz

Gray represents the idea of neutrality and balance. Being the combination of black and white, gray serves as the delicate balance of the extreme ends of the color spectrum. This graceful color makes an excellent option for quartz countertops because it plays a neutral role to highlight the surrounding area.

A new trend with home remodeling is having the interior look like an urban cityscape. Gray acts as the perfect color in this scheme to imitate the mute stone of concrete. Gray quartz can be the ideal option for a kitchen that wants something easy that is not as dark as black or not as bright as white.


Beige Quartz

Beige represents the quiet comfort of familiarity and ease. Beige quartz has an earthy quality which makes it look the most like sand and other earth elements. When installed in a kitchen, it creates a feeling of comfort and calm while cooking.

The names of beige quartz harken to the majestic beauty of nature. Beige quartz is better paired with an equally lighter color surround or matched with darker colors to provide homely balance.




Red Quartz

Red represents the color of action, strength, energy, and passion. Installing red quartz countertops encapsulates all those aspects as it quickly draws your eye to it. Red is versatile enough to blend well into darker color schemes, providing your kitchen with solid space and closeness.

Popular red quartz slabs imitate that of red sand with hundreds of tiny speckles in the stone. Each slab becomes a portrait to let your imagination create shapes.

Pink Quartz

Pink quartz is not as desirable as other colors, but it does bring a sense of brightness to your room. Pink represents the feelings of compassion, love, and playfulness. Manufacturers opt to blend pink with gray to create new and inspiring variants of concrete for an urban aesthetic.

Brown Quartz

Brown represents the feeling of home, comfort, and warmth. It is the color most often used to make a room feel like home and have the space feel involved. Depending on what shade of brown slab you want to install, your countertop will always feel like a place to return to.

Gold Quartz

Gold is commonly associated with prestige, success, wealth, and prosperity. Having a gold quartz countertop is not a popular option as too much gold feels distracting and bright. However, if a gold countertop were paired with something darker to limit the shine, it would make the gold feel much stronger.

Green Quartz

Green quartz countertops add an excellent option for adding more nature into the kitchen. Green represents the color of harmony, safety, growth, and health. Adding a green quartz countertop to the kitchen will add a sense of nature and calm while preparing food. It would feel more connected with decorative plants around the house connecting the sense of greenery throughout the whole room.




Blue Quartz

Blue represents the color of security, trust, and happiness. Depending on the shade being chosen, blue quartz can surround you with a sense of joy while preparing foods or remind you of the waves crashing upon a rocky shore. Blue is extremely versatile and is often chosen as the most popular color. It only makes sense to add one of the world's most popular colors into your favorite room.



Quartz countertops come in a wide range of colors and an even larger range of shades and patterns. Choosing the specific quartz for your countertop is an important choice since it will be with the house for a very long time. Take your time, look through the selection of quartz available and see which color speaks to you.

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