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How to Remove Scratches from Marble: Steps

Written by Christopher Miller on December 17, 2019
Edited By Ross Kernez, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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There are many great reasons to install marble surfaces in your home, whether that is a marble countertop, tabletop, marble floors or other surfaces. This natural stone is one of the most beautiful materials you can have in your home. However, one of the downsides to marble is that the stone can scratch easily. If this happens to your marble, there is no need to panic, as there are simple ways to remove scratches. By following the steps outlined below, you can restore your marble’s beauty. 

How Can You Remove Scratches from Marble? 

While deep scratches will require professional help, removing minor scratches is a DIY job. Surface scratches are often caused by dirt and are easy to remove. 

Step 1: Mix Warm Water and Mild Dish Soap 

Start by mixing warm water with mild dish soap. This will be applied to the site of the scratch. 

Step 2: Rub the Area with a Damp Cloth 

Wet a soft cloth in the water and dish soap mixture. Then, wring the cloth out so it is just damp, rather than soaked. Gently rub the area of the scratch with the damp cloth. 


Step 3: Rinse the Surface 

After this, rinse the surface of your marble with a different damp soft cloth that was dipped in just warm water. 

Step 4: Buff the Surface 

Use a dry soft cloth to buff the surface. Buffing should be done in a circular motion. 

Step 5: Polish 

Lastly, you can polish the marble using products like this one

If this process does not remove the scratch from your marble, you can try carefully using a piece of fine grain sandpaper. If neither method works, you will need to seek professional help, as marble restoration experts will have access to tools that can solve the issue. 

Marble Scratch Removal: Steps
Step 1 Mix warm water and mild dish soap
Step 2 Rub the area with a damp cloth
Step 3 Rinse the surface
Step 4 Buff the surface
Step 5 Polish

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Can You Prevent Scratches from Happening on Marble? 

There is no true way to totally prevent any scratches from happening. With that said, exercising caution around the surface will be the best way to try to avoid scratches. Also, while this will not necessarily keep scratches away, cleaning marble and applying a sealer when necessary are very important aspects of caring for the stone. 

Can You Use Steel Wool to Remove Scratches? 

If the cleaning process above does not remove the scratch, you can opt for sanding (with fine sandpaper) or using steel wool. Make sure to gently use high-quality steel wool if necessary. After you carefully sand out the scratch, you can apply a marble polish to restore the shine. 

From marble countertops to backsplashes, marble tiles and more, this gorgeous natural stone is a terrific way to put the finishing touches on your home improvement project. By taking proper care of the stone, including removing scratches, your marble can stay in great shape for many years to come.

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