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Kitchen Island Plans: How to Effectively Incorporate Stone

Written by Christopher Miller on July 03, 2019
Edited By Brian Freeman, Last Updated On January 02, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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An island is truly the centerpiece of any kitchen. Using stone for your island can truly take your kitchen island plans to the next level. 

Having an island in your kitchen has many advantages, both aesthetic and functional. As with the island itself, the type of stone you choose also has aesthetic and functional implications. 

Why Should I Use Stone in My Kitchen? 

Using stone anywhere in your house will offer you great benefits, both looks wise and financially. There is no denying the timeless and elegant look of a stone countertop. Whether it is granite, marble, or something more exotic, like gemstone, a stone countertop will be the attention grabber in your house. In addition, having stone in your house increases the resale value of the home because of the high demand for stone. 


What Are My Stone Options?

When looking at options for stone, there are many that you can choose from. This guide will walk through each type of stone you can use for your kitchen island. 

Stone Options: 

  • Granite 

  • Marble 

  • Quartz 

  • Soapstone 

  • Quartzite 

  • Slate 

  • Limestone 

  • Travertine 

  • Gemstone 

  • Onyx 


If you are building a new kitchen island, there are very few natural stone options that are more suitable for the job than granite. Not only does granite look classy and stylish, it is also one of the most durable natural stone surfaces you will find. Granite is perfect for the kitchen because of its durability; you can set down hot pots and pans from the stove on its surface without damaging the countertop. Although it is not necessarily recommended, you can cut directly on the surface of a granite countertop. It will actually damage the knife you use instead of the stone. Granite is also heat and stain resistant. A granite countertop is non-porous, so as long as it is properly sealed, the surface is very sanitary. 


When it comes to countertops, marble is a classic option for building material. The natural stone features elegant veining that will make your kitchen island stand out. Although it is not as durable as granite, marble will last for a very long time if you care for it properly. One key aspect you should know about caring for marble is being cautious with any spills. Marble is porous, and will get damaged by acidic substances, such as coffee, wine or soda. Marble must also be sealed. You should reseal marble about every three months. 


Although it is not natural stone, do not be fooled: Quartz countertops offer a great amount of benefits. The stone is manufactured using roughly 90 percent quartz mineral with about 10 percent resins, polymers and pigments. The durability of quartz makes it a logical choice for a kitchen island – an area that will undoubtedly receive heavy traffic. One thing that does not work in quartz’s advantage is heat resistance. The material is not heat resistant and will receive burn marks if hot pots or pans are placed on the surface. This is because heat will melt the resin. A major advantage to choosing quartz is that you will not have to seal the countertop and it will be a very sanitary surface for your kitchen island. 


If you are looking for a beautiful stone material for your kitchen island, you should strongly consider using soapstone. The stone can be found in different shades of gray, some of which contain hints of green or blue. Soapstone also darkens with age, so your countertop will have a highly sought after worn look after you have it for a while. If you want to speed up the process, you can apply mineral oil to the countertop to darken it. In terms of durability, soapstone is both heat and stain resistant. This makes the material a good choice for your kitchen island if you want something that is both stylish and practical. 


Another beautiful and practical option for your kitchen island is quartzite. Not to be confused with the similarly named quartz, quartzite is a stunning natural stone that is very durable. Quartzite is heat, stain and scratch resistant. This all can appeal to you if you are searching for a stone that is both strong and attractive. Using quartzite for your kitchen island will provide you with many long-lasting benefits. 


If darker stone suits your taste more, slate is a really good option for your kitchen island. The stone comes in various shades of gray and is a very durable countertop material. Slate is both heat and stain resistant. It will work well if you are looking for a modern feel for your kitchen island. 


Limestone is a material that will be able to work well with any kitchen design. The look of limestone is the primary reason you should consider it for your new kitchen island. However, if you do choose to go with limestone for your kitchen island, you must be extremely careful around the surface. The stone is both softer and more porous than marble, so just as you will need to be careful with marble, you will need to be even more careful with limestone. 


Travertine is very similar to limestone. The reason for the similarities is that travertine is actually a form of limestone. Because this is the case, you will need to exercise a similar amount of caution around your travertine kitchen island as you would if it were limestone. But as with limestone, the look of travertine will make your new kitchen island the main attraction in your house. 


Looking for a kitchen island that will really turn heads? If so, you should consider using gemstone. Gemstone is truly a unique material and will greatly benefit the aesthetics of your kitchen island. While you should always try to be careful regardless of your countertop’s durability, gemstone is a very durable stone. Gemstone is both heat and stain resistant, as well as easy to clean. 


If you want to have a kitchen island that is exotic and unique, onyx will be just what you are looking for. Because the stone is transparent, it is also able to be backlit, which can add a stylish touch to your kitchen. As with other vulnerable options listed above, onyx will require you to be very careful. While it is elegant, it can be easily damaged if you do not take proper care of it. 

Which Stone Should I Choose for My Kitchen Island? 

Which stone you should choose depends primarily on what you are looking for in your new kitchen island. Do you want something that is purely stylish, even if it requires additional maintenance? Or perhaps you are looking for something that is durable but may not give off an exotic or rare feel. Lastly, there are several options above that will give you the best of both worlds in terms of style and durability. Overall, any of the various stone kitchen island options listed above will be a huge upgrade to your kitchen. 


How Much Will My New Kitchen Island Cost? 

The cost of your new kitchen island will depend on several factors. To get an idea of the cost of your new kitchen island, you must consider factors such as what material you will be using and how much of that material you will need. The rarer the stone you use is, the more it will cost for your new kitchen island. 

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Kitchen Island?

There are many great reasons to add an island in your kitchen. Below, this guide will explain the many benefits in further detail. 

The benefits of installing a kitchen island include: 

  • More Storage Space 

  • Additional Seating 

  • Additional Amenities 

  • Gathering Space 

  • More Room for Meal Prep 

  • Focal Point 

More Storage Space 

Having an island in your kitchen will add more storage space, which is perfect if your kitchen is not very large. Features like built in cabinets can be very helpful. This can help get your kitchen more organized, which can only be a positive. 

Additional Seating 

Another positive impact of having a kitchen island is additional seating. This is especially beneficial if you are entertaining guests or have a smaller kitchen. For seating, you should consider the way your island looks before deciding if stools or regular chairs will be a better option. 

Additional Amenities 

With the additional space you gain, you can have additional amenities for your kitchen. This includes features like a sink or an additional stove top. Having these additional features can help make meal prep that much easier. 

Gathering Space 

In many homes, the kitchen is often a very important room for family gatherings. Whether you are entertaining extended family, friends or just eating dinner with your family, a kitchen island is a great place to spend time with the people you love. 


More Room for Meal Prep 

If you are constantly cooking, having a kitchen island can offer the huge benefit of added room for meal prep. Your kitchen island will give you more space to spread out any ingredients you need to use. 

Focal Point 

One of the primary benefits to having a kitchen island is that it will instantly become the focal point of the room. As soon as people enter your kitchen, their eyes will turn to your stunning island. Because this is the case, you will want to make sure that you have a kitchen island that you can be proud of. Using stone can help you accomplish this. 

Incorporating stone into your kitchen island plans will set you up for success. While there are many other materials you can use for an island, such as wood, there is no substitute for the beauty that stone will offer you. Beyond looks, there are so many practical benefits of having stone incorporated into your new kitchen island. 

Whether you are looking for something that emanates a rustic feel or something that compliments the modern design of your kitchen, there is a type of stone that will suit your needs. 

Installing a new kitchen island is a large investment, and you will want to make sure that it is done right. Having a kitchen island can drastically transform the mood in your kitchen, and even your entire house overall. Using stone in that kitchen island can create an area that your family and guests will always want to be in.

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