What Are The Most Popular Types of Granite?

by Jeremy Troetti

Updated on July 23, 2019 02:33:44 PM

Table of Contents

  1. Types of Granite 
    1. Ubatuba 
    2. Giallo Ornamental 
    3. Santa Cecilia 
    4. Kashmir White 
    5. New Venetian Gold 
    6. Bianco Antico 
    7. Tan Brown 
    8. Baltic Brown 
    9. Black Pearl 
    10. Black Galaxy 
    11. Absolute Black 
    12. Volga Blue 
  2. Cost of Granite 


Granite is one of the most popular natural stone building materials in the world. But what you may not realize is just how many types of granite exist. alone has well over 500 options to choose from. 


This guide will take a look at 12 of the most popular types of granite on the market.


Types of Granite 


Twelve of the most popular types of granite for home use are: 

  • Ubatuba 

  • Giallo Ornamental 

  • Santa Cecilia 

  • Kashmir White 

  • New Venetian Gold 

  • Bianco Antico 

  • Tan Brown 

  • Baltic Brown 

  • Black Pearl 

  • Black Galaxy 

  • Absolute Black 

  • Volga Blue 



Ubatuba Granite is very dark in color. It is a very popular style and will give your home a stylish look. 


Giallo Ornamental 

Giallo Ornamental Granite is a creamy golden color. Choosing the style will bring a sense of warmth to the area the stone is used in. 


Santa Cecilia 

Santa Cecilia Granite can vary greatly in color, though all colors have a creamy tone. This beautiful natural stone is quarried in Brazil.   


Kashmir White 

Kashmir White Granite is a gray and white stone that can greatly enhance the look of your home. 


New Venetian Gold 

New Venetian Gold Granite is a lighter creamy colored stone that can work well if accompanied by lighter colored fixtures. 


Bianco Antico 

Bianco Antico Granite is a Brazilian stone that is white and gray. The stone also features small touches of light gray, brown and white.  


Tan Brown 

Tan Brown Granite is a brown, black and gray stone that is quarried in India. 


Baltic Brown 

Baltic Brown Granite is a beautiful brown stone that is quarried in Finland. 


Black Pearl 

Black Pearl Granite is a gorgeous black and gray natural stone that is quarried in India. 


Black Galaxy 

Black Galaxy Granite is a stunning black stone that features gold or white flecks. The stone is quarried in India. 


Absolute Black 

Absolute Black Granite is an elegant solid black stone that is quarried in India. This stone can work well in many different areas of the home. 


Volga Blue 

Volga Blue Granite is a black and blue natural stone that is quarried in Ukraine. 


Cost of Granite 


Different types of granite will come at different costs. Granite that is rare will be priced higher than types of granite that are more commonly found. For a better idea on the cost of granite, you can check out this guide for the cost of granite countertops.

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