Selecting the right countertop material and layout are the most important steps in creating your dream kitchen. Find out which choices may be right for you!
Curious which granite counter will look the best when paired with cherry cabinets? Stop wondering and find out with our helpful tips.
Cabinets in dark brown, deep black or deep shades of green or blue make a bold statement. Next is choosing the right granite counter to pair with them.
The days of dark and drab laundry rooms in the basement are ending as more homeowners move their laundry room upstairs to the second floor.
A green kitchen has healthy living, energy efficiency and sustainability. Natural stones such as granite, marble and quartz are sustainable and nontoxic.
Consider contrast in home design for a moment, a modern piece in a room that’s traditional. Contrast makes an impact whether it's subtle or big.
Explore the variety of countertop finishes available for natural stone counters.
As today’s kitchens are getting larger in size, the idea of adding a second island rather than one single counter island is becoming more popular.
Choosing the thickness of your natural stone counter is critical for any updating or remodeling project. It can affect the cost, installation and design.
No one likes a seam in their counter. Especially when you spent months planning it out. Learn how to avoid any regret and be thrilled about your new counter.
Everyone has their own personal style and design preferences. However, there's a correlation between design styles and the selection of light or dark counters.
There are so many factors to consider when designing your kitchen but one choice that often doesn't get considered is whether to have a single or double sink.