Stair Thread Countertop Edge

STAIR THREAD countertop edge 3D
About this edge
The Stair Thread edge is a modern and elegant profile that has a curved undercut lip and will enhance the visual appeal of your counter and cabinets. This edge works well with traditional and modern design schemes. No matter what countertop it is implemented on, the Stair Thread edge will look terrific. It is one of the most stylish edge profiles you can choose. It is sure to impress in any home setting. You simply cannot go wrong deciding on this edge profile. The Stair Thread edge profile can make your countertop appear that much more beautiful. It can be one of the best decisions you make for your countertop. Choosing a Stair Thread edge can leave you pleased for many years to come.
STAIR THREAD countertop egde
Suitable outside: 1
Thicknesses available: 1-1/4
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