Round T&b Countertop Edge

¼ ROUND T&B countertop edge 3D
About this edge
The ¼ Round T&B edge features a slight curve on both the upper and lower sides of the countertop. It provides a shapelier, yet still subtle look that works well in traditional designs. No matter if it is installed in the kitchen, bathroom or any other room of the home, the ¼ Round T&B edge will look terrific. It will add a nice touch of style to any countertop. Your stone countertop will already look amazing but will look that much better with a ¼ Round T&B edge. Edge profiles complete any countertop. This edge can truly make a countertop look great. You cannot go wrong selecting it for your stone. If you choose a ¼ Round T&B edge, you can be pleased with your countertop for years to come.
¼ ROUND T&B countertop egde
Edge Name: ¼ ROUND T&B
Other Names: ROUND T&B
Suitable outside: 1
Thicknesses available: 1-1/4
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