Ogee Quarter Round - Countertop Edge

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Ogee / Quarter Round countertop edge 3D

About This Edge

The laminated Ogee/¼ Round edge combines two very popular profiles to produce a thick appearance that is sure to be an eye-catcher. Extending an Ogee edge by adding an additional ¼ Round edge provides a unique style. If you are looking for a gorgeous edge that will draw attention to the stone of your countertop, the Ogee/¼ Round edge can do just that. No matter what countertop it is implemented on, this edge will look terrific. If you enjoy the look of the traditional Ogee edge and the traditional ¼ Round edge, this profile will give you the best of both. You cannot go wrong choosing an Ogee/¼ Round edge. Edge styles complete the appearance of any countertop. Picking the Ogee/¼ Round edge can be one of the best decisions you make for your countertop. This edge can leave you pleased with your surface for years to come.

Edge Name: Ogee / Quarter Round

Other Names: Ogee / Quarter Round

Suitable Outside: Yes

Thicknesses Available: 1-1/4

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