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What Affects The Cost Of White Quartz

Written by DS Lyu on March 30, 2022 REVIEWED BY Brian Freeman

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On average, the starting rate that homeowners need to spend on white quartz is about $55 per square foot. However, depending on the kind of white quartz you’re looking for, that cost can range above $100 and more. But what homeowners should know is that there are many different factors that affect the overall price range of white quartz.

Besides the material itself, there are factors that determine the cost ranges to the different dozens of quartz. Homeowners that choose their white quartz should know the many qualities that make certain variations that much more beneficial. Some of these key aspects will either increase or decrease the price of your white quartz.

Knowing which manufacturer offers the kind of white quartz that you’re looking for might help you adjust your budget. Essentially, this is the main difference between the cost of varying natural stone. Much of the cost has to do with what homeowners prefer most about the visual attributes of the white quartz. The most important cost factors, in regards to the appearance, are the veins, the colors, and the overall quality.

Which Manufacturer Are You Looking For

Although the cost range can vary between $55 and $100 or more, it is ultimately the reputation and name brand of the white quartz wholesaler that you’re essentially buying from. Since Caesarstone is known as a market leader within the industry, you’ll notice that their white quartz brands and most of their other natural stones are quite costly.

Having the knowledge of the retailer’s reputation can go a long way for when you have to make the decision of choosing your preferred white quartz. You also have to think about the imports and the location of the quarry where the quartz is sourced. Some quarries are often more popular than others, which will affect the reputation of these manufacturers.

Depending on the kind of white quartz you might decide to install for your countertop, you’ll have to decide which trait of the stone that you prefer most. If you would opt for a white quartz countertop with less veins. Homeowners should also consider the quality of the quartz to figure out the pricing.


How Veining Can Increase The Cost Of White Quartz

Typically, white quartz will have gray veins around its surface. Veins are especially sought after because of how it defines the characteristics of the white quartz. Since there are so many selections, the appearance of each kind remains unique to the perspective of individual homeowners. Also determined by the quality of the material, white quartz can be either inexpensive or costly according to your style and tastes.


Why Simple White Quartz Is Less Expensive

The saying often goes, “the simpler, the better”. Although quartz that has particular patterns are typically a costly commodity, there are inexpensive alternatives. A smooth surface with absolutely no veins and designs will offer you the best option in affordability. Ultimately, these purchasing and installation options are for homeowners that are more interested in pragmatism and low-costing alternatives. 


Vena Calacatta

One of the more durable and low-maintenance options out of the white quartz selection is the Vena Calacatta, which is a quartz that homeowners find very similar to Calacatta marble. If you’re looking for a stone that has the best likeness to marble and want to either swap or newly install a countertop for your spaces, this might be the best substitute. 


Statuario Nuvo Caesarstone

Caesarstone, which has some of the most reputable materials in their stock, prides itself with the Statuario Nuvo quartz. It is a white quartz that gives off a unique hue and contains light gray veins. Another stone that mimics marble, the Statuario Nuvo is typically polished as a finish and is ultimately 1 ¼ inches of thickness.


Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone

The Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone is a stone that has grey veins surrounding its surface. Same as the Statuario Nuvo, the Calacatta Nuvo is polished and is typically cut with 1 ¼ inches in thickness. This quartz is blended with 93 percent natural quartz and seven percent polyresin. Like the stones mentioned above, the Calacatta Nuvo quartz is meant to look like marble.


Thassos Pental Quartz

This quartz is quite the plain white surface and contains no other coloration, veins, nor patterns. However, like many of the other Pental quartz selections, the Thassos Pental quartz is a surface that homeowners will want to install if the space calls for it. The purpose of the Thassos Pental quartz is to match the colors of the plain white with the neutral tones of either the kitchen or the bathroom.



Visualize All The Possibilities

Trying to just imagine how these quartz surfaces will look like as your kitchen or bathroom countertops can be quite the challenge. However, with the use of our visualizer tool, you can find the different 3D renderings of what they’d look like. Simply choose a 3D space that somewhat resembles your own room and figure out which components you want to redesign and look through all of your preferences and potential concepts.


Featured Photo by Polygon Homes On Flickr


National Average


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