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Best Granite to Pair With Knotty Pine Cabinets

Written by Cabrini Rudnicki on April 02, 2021
Edited By Tomasz Rydwelski, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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When remodeling your kitchen, one of the most important things to consider is your cabinet and countertop pairing well together. While having a good design in terms of utility is important, you also want to be sure your kitchen is aesthetically pleasing. Having clashing colors can distract from the good design features of your kitchen. For example, the most expensive appliances will be completely overshadowed if the color scheme is unappealing. 

One of the most popular types of cabinetry is knotty pine. This kind of material can be hard to pair with as the natural coloring can look unfinished if not properly integrated with the right decor style. We recommend pairing this cabinet style with a durable and beautiful stone like granite in lighter neutral, black, or blue/green shades.

What are knotty pine cabinets? 

Knotty pine is a type of wood material with pinewood boards and a large number of visible knots. This wood is typically yellow-orange in color with the visible knots being a darker red-brown shade.


This style was extremely popular throughout the 40s to 60s, and thus when used now it adds a vintage feel to any space. It can be used in a variety of places: paneling and trim, window frames, doors, flooring, decking, and bathroom and kitchen cabinets. 

This wood is lightweight but still durable. The knots on knotty pine style cabinets are secure and will typically not pop out. Other than the aesthetic quality this material adds, homeowners often look to use knotty pine as it is generally more affordable than other wood types. 

What decor styles fit this kind of cabinet?

There are a few home decor styles that knotty pine will go with perfectly. The main two styles include mid-century modern and rustic country. 

Mid-century modern may not seem immediately applicable until you realize when knotty pine was originally popular: from roughly the beginning of the 1940s to the mid-1960s. Mid-century modern design includes clean lines and minimal ornamentation as well as a mix of traditional materials like wood or stone. Knotty pine would harmonize beautifully with decor in this style.

Knotty pine will also fit right in in a rustic country-style kitchen. This home decor style usually features natural materials, such as wood, a neutral palette, and a slightly worn appearance. Knotty pine cabinets would fit perfectly in this style home as it fits every criterion required of a rustic country design; its unfinished neutral wooden appearance is perfect.

These are only two design styles that knotty pine will work well in. Other styles that knotty pine would work well in include industrial kitchens, traditional kitchens, even craftsman kitchens. Get creative and let the knotty pine cabinets add a rustic comfort to your space. 

What color granites go best with knotty pine cabinets?

Knotty pine wood is typically a light yellow-orange color. There will usually be slightly darker and lighter colorations throughout the wood, but they will be in the yellow-orange color family. The knots in knotty pine will be darker brown. Keeping these general shades in mind, you have a few options when it comes to pairing granite countertops with the cabinetry. 

Lighter Neutrals

Lighter neutral granite will pair well with knotty pine as it will create a beautiful harmonious monochromatic appearance. Both cool, warm and true neutral granite colors will pair well with knotty pine. While white granite is always an option, try slightly off-white colors to maintain the snug and comfortable style of knotty pine. This combination would work well in a rustic country kitchen.

Our top picks for lighter neutral granite include River White granite, Fantasy White granite, and Ivory Fantasy granite. 


Black granite is well-known for being able to pair with just about anything and knotty pine is no exception. Pair a black granite with knotty pine to make a strong statement: the natural and soft beauty of knotty pine mixed with the bold strength of black granite will be a focal point of your home. This combination would work well in industrial style or mid-century modern style kitchens.

Our top picks for black granite include Negresco granite, Black Galaxy granite, and Cosmic Black granite. 



This is one of the boldest choices for pairing with knotty pine countertops. At first, this pair may not make sense, but once you see it paired together you will understand. On the color wheel, orange-yellow and blue-green are across from each other, making them complementary colors. Complimentary colors will highlight each other and bring out the vividness of each shade. Having blue-green countertops with this wooden material will allow you to have a beautifully balanced room. This pairing was popular mid-century, so today the pairing would fit perfectly in a mid-century style kitchen. 

Our top picks for blue/green granite include Blue Bahia granite, Verde Bamboo granite, and Azul Aran granite.

No matter which granite you decide on, the material will remain durable and beautiful for years to come. has over 600 colors available for purchase of this gorgeous natural stone.


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