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Kitchen Countertop Trends

Written by Amanda Kaiser on February 15, 2021
Edited By Marble Last Updated On January 02, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Every year there are many new interior design trends that shake-up kitchen composition and style. Kitchen countertops, in particular, have always been an ever-changing element in kitchen design since it adds function, versatility, and style to the room. In the past laminate and granite have dominated the kitchen counter-world but today there are many different types of stone and material used for kitchen countertop surfaces. Many natural materials such as wood and natural stone have become increasingly popular in recent years since they are both trendy and environmentally friendly. Whether you are doing a kitchen renovation, remodel, or designing completely from scratch there are tons of countertop styles and options to choose from. From classic to unconventional no matter what your design style or preference there is an option for every homeowner.


Kitchen Countertop Trends of 2020

White Marble Countertop

White marble is an interior designer favorite in recent years and has become one of the most desired aesthetics of 2020. The stunning stone pairs well with stainless steel appliances and white kitchen cabinets for a bright, clean, and chic kitchen vibe. For contrast adding a darker color island base such as deep green, navy blue, or charcoal grey can offset the brightness of an all-white kitchen. Marble countertops are a sturdy and heat resistant surface; some of the most popular styles of white marble include Calacatta Borghini, Calacatta Michelangelo, and Arabescato.


Soapstone Countertop

Soapstone is rapidly gaining popularity since it is eco friendly. Nowadays the average consumer is no longer in the dark about where their products come from and what effect they have on the environment. This makes soapstone a popular choice for environmentally-conscious buyers. Soapstone ranges in color from light grey to deep charcoal and all shades of grey in between. Soapstone countertops are the ideal material when going for a rustic aesthetic perfect when paired with a farmhouse sink. Some of the most popular soapstones are Green Soapstone and Smoke Soapstone.


Concrete Countertop

For a modern and industrial look, concrete countertops are the new and unlikely trend. Usually, when one thinks of concrete they think of the cold sidewalk but when done right concrete countertops can be a clever and chic addition to your kitchen. Contrary to popular belief gray is not the only color that concrete countertops come in; they can range from bright white to black in color.  


Butcher Block Countertop

Wood butcher block countertops are back and better than ever. Butcher block countertops are a perfect way to add warmth to your kitchen. The wood countertop helps to break up all-white kitchens, bring warmth to a minimal style kitchen, or to add charm to a farmhouse style kitchen. Butcher block countertops are easy to maintain requiring occasional oiling. This look offers sleek simplicity to your kitchen.


Bold Veining Countertop

Bold and dramatically veined countertops can make an ordinary kitchen seem extraordinary. Bold veining is a great way to keep your minimalistic design from becoming too minimal by adding a gorgeous design. Black and white kitchens are timeless and paired with open shelving and light wood accents to contrast the dark black veining, cabinets, and island giving it a chic and modern feel.  Pictured below is breathtaking Copacabana Granite.


Pop of Color Countertop

In kitchens, typically the islands become the focal point of the room so adding a pop of color to your island countertop is a great way to liven up a monochromatic kitchen. You can bring life to a room by using nontraditional colored countertops in the home to make a statement. 

Black Granite Countertop

Granite countertops have been popular for years; dominating the kitchen counter space in the early 2000s neutral tones. Granite is not a fad of the past if done with a modern twist. Paired with white, black, or grey cabinetry black veiny granite can be the perfect fit to complete and light, classy, and elevated look in your kitchen. Pairing black granite with cherry wood and heavy browns will make your kitchen look outdated but taking on popular modern colors this color granite states timeless. Granite is a very durable surface, resistance to scratching, cracking, and chipping. Granite is also heat and stain-resistant. Pictured is Oscuro Mist granite paired perfectly with dark charcoal cabinets and stainless steel appliances for a chic and modern look.


From Island to Table Countertops

The island to table design is admired both for its beauty and functionality. Island to table countertops just make sense and are a beautiful centerpiece for the kitchen. This look brings the entire design of the kitchen together perfectly by creating fluidity between the countertop, island, and table. Instead of taking up precious space in your home for a dining area expand your island to a table making the center of the room a hub for interaction.  


Glass Countertop

Glass is a stunning alternative to natural stone options in the home. Not only is class affordable but also functional.Glass is an ideal material for a countertop since it is heat resistant, scratch-resistant, and very stylish. Glass is very diverse because there is a wide variety of colors available since glass can be infused with a color treatment, or left to be translucent.


Quartz Countertop

Quartz is very popular for its durability, aesthetic, and low maintenance.  Quartz has become a trending countertop material since the rise in all-white kitchen aesthetics. Quartz countertops never have to be sealed, unlike granite, marble, and other surfaces that require regular maintenance. Quartz is an engineered stone therefore patterns and veining are perfect. Quartz is so versatile and is the perfect stone to get the white marble look without breaking the bank. Some of the most popular quartz countertops are Vena Statuario Bianco, Livorno Pental, and Statuario Pental.


Thick Slab Countertop

Thick slab countertops will make a strong design statement in your kitchen. This look will cost you a pretty penny since the thickness of stone countertops directly impact the price. Thick slab countertops give your kitchen luxurious and lavish vibes. This look is perfectly finished when paired with a farmhouse kitchen sink and classic stainless steel appliances.


Limestone Countertop

When it comes to kitchen countertops, limestone is a beautiful and heat-resistant choice. Limestone is available in many different colors and shades. The look of limestone will give off a feeling of light and warmth in your space. Limestone countertops, much like any natural stone countertops, are a high-quality option for your home. Here the off white beige limestone is paired with dark grey cabinets and the room comes alive with pops of color. The most popular limestone countertops are Moleanos, Jerusalem Grey, and Valverde Limestone.


Waterfall Islands Countertop

The waterfall countertops for kitchen islands are a huge trend in 2020. For a unique and show-stopping island extending the countertop from the top down the sides and flowing down to the floor creates a breathtaking look. You can create this look with almost any material, making it easy to achieve the look.


Laminate Countertop 

Nothing says retro quite like laminate countertops. Today high-end laminates can resemble some of the most popular natural stone countertops such as marble, granite, and quartz. Laminate is a good alternative when trying to cut costs. When installing them into a rental or investment property laminate can be an eye-appealing and cost-effective choice. However, natural stone countertops are the most ideal surface for longevity, high traffic areas, and to add value to your home.


Quartzite Countertop 

Quartzite is a stunning natural stone that is often seen as a viable alternative to marble. The two stones are frequently compared because of their distinctive veining. Quartzite is available in many different colors and patterns which have a strong resemblance to the look of marble. Pictured is Fantasy Brown quartzite countertop with lush veins of blue, grey, and gold.

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