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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Granite Countertops

Written by Jorelle Baker on May 22, 2023
Edited By Castor Syro, Last Updated On June 14, 2023
Reviewed By Francis Resway
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You can never go wrong with installing granite countertops in your home. They have amazing durability, excellent resistance, and are consistently reliable to provide stability in rooms where things can get messy. Their designs vary from calm and relaxing, to creatively inspiring where they capture your eyes and pin them into their hypnotic patterns.

While granite can withstand a lot of damage, it is not perfect. Accidents can happen where granite might break, chip, or be so heavily stained that there is no cleaner strong enough to remove it. When that time comes, it might be time to consider replacing your granite countertop. If that situation happens, do you know how much it will be to replace it? By the time you finish reading this article, you certainly will.


Why Replace Granite

Granite is one of the sturdiest natural stone materials you can install for your countertop. That durability should mean that it can last a long time, So why would you ever need to replace it?

1. Damage: Granite is certainly durable and can withstand heavy damage. However, being resistant to damage like scratching or chipping, does not mean it is damage-proof. Granite can still be cut with a sharp enough knife or damaged with a heavy enough hammer. If there is too much damage on your granite countertop, it might be easier to replace it than trying to fix it.

2. Stains: Granite can resist stains, but that does not make it stain-proof. Like other natural stones, granite has pores and grooves in the stone where liquids and acidic matter can become trapped. If not cleaned quickly, stains will form over time. The longer the stain is left to sit, the harder it will be to remove. Neglected granite stone that has multiple deep stains may be impossible to clean without a professional, but they might even decide replacement is a faster option.

3. Outdated Style: It is common for people to change their mind and want something different. The same is true for granite countertops where the granite you once loved does not bring you joy anymore. When that happens, perhaps it is time to change to another style. Maybe they could want a different edging option. Perhaps a different color to blend with the cabinets. Maybe there is just too much of 1 color in the room and you want something fresh and new.

4. Upgrading home: Home renovations often happen where people want to upgrade their house with something new. Replacing a granite countertop could provide more space in the kitchen or bathroom, which is quite beneficial for large families or those who enjoy social activities.



Cost of Replacing Granite

If you have some experience with granite installation, then you know that the price of granite can vary depending on the project and situation. Typically speaking, the cost for replacing granite can be $45-$200 per square foot. This price changes depending on location, type of granite, size of the countertop, edging options, removing old countertop, and location.


Factors That Influence Cost

As we previously mentioned, there are several factors that influence the cost of replacing granite countertops. These are very similar factors which contribute to the varying price of granite and other stone installations.


Size of Countertop

Depending on the size of your countertop, which will directly influence how much the price will change. For larger projects with heavy countertops, the price could dramatically increase. Alternatively, smaller projects could be less expensive because there is less material to move.


Type of Granite

The type of granite being replaced will heavily factor into the price. Certain types of granite stone are more expensive than others due to it being harder to obtain or in short supply with quarries or manufacturers. If you have one of these rarer granite stones, it will cost more to replace it since they are not always available.



Edging can be expensive depending on what style you are choosing. Many companies will include a standard edge with an installation of a granite countertop, but upgrading to a premium or laminate edge will cost extra. In terms of replacing granite, there will still be a cost to have the premium and laminate edges rendered.



Depending on where you are located from your granite supplier, the distance will affect the overall cost of installation and replacement. Job sites farther away from granite suppliers will be charged more for transporting the granite from their warehouse to your home. This is a standard practice since granite is very heavy, and the farther away the location is from the warehouse, the more precision and care must be taken to ensure the granite arrives undamaged. While granite is strong, cars are made of metal and strong enough to damage the stone.

Alternatively, living in separate locations will also change the price. Similar to how tax and gas prices change depending on where someone lives, the price of stone can also change depending on where the warehouse is located.




Can Granite Be Fixed?

Depending on the level of damage or issues with the stone, granite can be fixed. Small chips and cracks on granite can be repaired with stone repair kits. These are offered by several stone companies with well-detailed instructions on how to fix the damaged stone. A professional can also be hired to inspect the granite and provide immediate assistance on repairing any chips, cracks, or breaks.

However, if the stone is too heavily damaged or the cracks are too wide, then it might be better to have the entire slab replaced.


Can Granite Be Restored?

Depending on the level of damage from the stain, it is possible to restore granite to its original luster. Spills must be cleaned up quickly before they can turn into stains. But sometimes the day gets away from us and a stain is bound to form. There are multiple granite specific stain removes available online and at granite supply stores which are perfectly capable of removing fresh and deep stains.

Once a stain has been removed, it would be ideal to apply a sealer and polishing agent on the granite to restore its sheen. This process of re-applying a sealer and polishing should be done every 6 months or 1 year, depending on what the manufacturer or warranty states. A professional may also come to your home and remove any stains, apply a sealer, and polish the stone for a fee.



So, how much does it cost to replace granite countertops? Short answer, it depends. It can range anywhere from $40-$200 per square foot, but that price varies based on location, type of stone, edging option, and actively replacing the other countertop.

If you are considering replacing your granite countertops, consider seeing if they can be fixed or restored to their original sheen. If not, schedule an appointment with us so we can help you replace your granite with a healthy new slab.

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