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What Colors Are In Colonial White Granite

Written by Jorelle Baker on May 26, 2023
Edited By Cabrini Rudnicki, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Angela Warren
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Do you know what the most popular color to have as a stone countertop? If you could have guessed from the title of this article, the answer is white. People love installing white throughout their home because of what the color represents and how it makes them feel.

When it comes to granite countertops, one of the most prized options is Colonial White granite. On the surface, Colonial White may not stand out as anything special, but it has a rich layer of depth and contrast which will bring life to any section of your home. If you are still on the fence about it, then allow us to explain why you should consider Colonial White granite for your next home renovation project.

What is Colonial White Granite

Simply put, Colonial White granite is a white granite stone. While that does seem obvious, there is a lot to consider with granite stone in general.


What Is Granite Stone

Granite is an igneous rock. Igneous rocks are formed when hot magma crystallizes and solidifies. The process takes place within the Earth’s crust near tectonic plate boundaries, which slowly rise to the surface over time.

Granite is a combination of quartz, feldspar, and other stones which has fused together into a stronger stone.


Is Granite Good for Home Design

Absolutely! Granite stone is one of the strongest natural stones you can use for home design and renovation.

Granite stone has a hardness rating of 8 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. Because it was made from hot magma over hundreds of years, it is highly resistant to heat. The combination of other stones in its composition provides it extra strength and resistance against scratching, staining, and chipping.

Granite has miniscule pores in its slab due to the heat being vented out as it cooled. These pores are not easily seen with the naked eye, but they can trap food matter. While granite is resistant to staining, food or other matter being trapped in its pores will cause the stone to etch and stain over time. It is best to seal your granite stone after installation as an extra protective layer.




Where is Colonial White Granite From

Colonial White granite is primarily quarried in India. The name Colonial refers to the time when the British Empire formed colonies in India.

Colonial White granite is also referred to as Buckingham White or New Imperial White granite.


What Colors Are In Colonial White Granite

Colonial White granite is not just an ordinary, plain white slab of granite. The white is offset by hints of gray which make the stone feel bright and clean, but also delicate and easy on the eyes. The gray shading then allows the viewer to comfortably see the black speckles decorated in the slab.

Colonial White granite blends all these colors and speckles together in a cookies and cream-like appearance to trigger a sense of pleasure and enjoyment while staring into the slab. If you focus on one speckle, you can become entranced where you see shapes forming from the gray accent and white base. If you keep your eyes relaxed while staring into the slab, it will feel like the slab is moving and the speckles are dancing around each other, vying for your attention.

Every version of Colonial White granite has its own little designs and speckles, while some versions have hints of burgundy or beige coloring.



Where Can Colonial White Granite be Used

As we mentioned before, granite is an excellent stone to install throughout the home. It is exceptionally durable, easy to clean, and reliable to withstand some damage and keep going. The best places to use Colonial White Granite stone is:

· Kitchen Countertops: Incorporating Colonial White granite as your kitchen countertop will provide your kitchen with life, energy, and cleanliness, while having some creativity for your guests to marvel.

· Kitchen Backsplash: Installing Colonial White granite as a backsplash will pair perfectly when you have a matching countertop. A backsplash amplifies the countertop, making it feel like the stone is moving up the wall.

· Bathroom Vanity: Granite is hardy enough to withstand water stains and damage on a bathroom vanity while still appearing clean and healthy.

· Bathroom Backsplash: Similar to the kitchen backsplash, combining a Colonial White backsplash with a matching bathroom vanity will have both looking brighter and spectacular.

· Bathroom Wall: Why stop with just a countertop, decorate the walls with Colonial White to feel envelop yourself with the cookies and creamy goodness.

· Bathroom Floor: The bathroom is a sacred place for privacy, so surround yourself in something that will bring you joy and comfort.

· Hot Tub Surround: Colonial White granite is excellent at dispersing heat thanks to its natural heat resistance. Using it in conjunction with a hot tub lets you enjoy a hot soak with a stone you know will not break or erode.

· Fireplace Surround: A crackling bright orange and red flame will dance with the black speckles in the stone.

· Indoor or Outdoor Bar: Granite is one of the few stones capable of being installed inside and outside. Install Colonial White granite as bar material for social events or summer barbeques.



Colonial White granite may not look like the plain white marble slabs our ancestors coveted, but it has its own unique charm which cannot be matched. It offers comfort, cleanliness, and joy, while looking like an unbelievably delicious treat. You will not regret installing it in your home and enveloping yourself with reliable comfort.

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