5003 Piatra Grey Caesarstone

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Material Information

Piatra Grey Caesarstone is a black quartz with white veining. It is an ideal countertop choice for high traffic kitchens and commercial businesses. It can also be utilized as a bathroom vanity top, backsplash or other surface.

All Caesarstone slabs are polished and cut 1 ¼ inches thick. No matter where you install it, 5003 Piatra Grey Caesarstone quartz will look amazing. In addition, the material is very durable and easy to care for. Quartz in general is a great option for busy homeowners or business owners that do not want the hassle of extensive care when it comes to countertops or other surfaces. Between its high-quality appearance, durability and easy maintenance requirements, it is no surprise that 5003 Piatra Grey Caesarstone quartz is such a popular material amongst homeowners. This material makes a great addition to any home or business setting.

Original Name: 5003 Piatra Grey Caesarstone

Material Type: Quartz

Country of Origin: Israel

Colors: Black

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