White Carrara Honed

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Material Information

White Carrara Honed marble is a white stone with extremely subtle dark veining. It is a prestigious stone that adds a luxuriousness to your home without distracting from the rest of your beautiful decor. Simple and sleek, this marble will match just about any color scheme, decor style, or even homeowner personality.

Rooms decorated in country, industrial, modern, mediterranean, and many more styles can be enriched with this white marble. White Carrara Honed marble is a great choice for multiple places in your home, For example, it can be used as kitchen countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops and fireplace surrounds. Large areas will be the perfect location to properly display White Carrara Honed marble. It will require regular maintenance to keep its distinctive look such as periodic resealing. Acidic substances should not be used on this stone as it can dull its appearance. Homeowners should also avoid abrasive cleaners. As long as these basic care instructions are followed, White Carrara Honed marble can stay vivid for a lifetime.

Original Name: White Carrara Honed

Material Type: Marble

Country of Origin: Brazil

Colors: Grey, White

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