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Our stones are cataloged to our website by name, stone type, place of origin, and similar colors. We provide blog posts throughout our website and videos through our YouTube channel, offering you insight with the recommended application of each stone type.
Of course, our experienced sales team is available to guide you through the selection process and help you find the stone that will compliment your project. We also have many tools on our website that can help you get started. Feel free to visit our website and use our online tools, like our virtual room designer, color tipster, stone comparison tool, and our edge visualizer – amongst many other tools.
Our virtual kitchen design tool incorporates many of our stone options with popular kitchen designs to help you visualize all of the available applications with the stone. You can change the appearance of a kitchen similar to your own and browse the different cabinet colors, wall colors, and floor types to further tailor the kitchen to your tastes.
At, we carry many varieties of natural and man-made stones – including Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Soapstone, Onyx, Basalt, Gemstone, Porcelain, and Nano glass. Unlike other fabricators, who may try to push you in one direction based on their limited inventory, we carry almost every stone imaginable, catering to your needs rather than convincing you to make a quick and easy purchase. Our honesty and integrity comes from the qualities of each stone type, and we’ll gladly recommend the application of each stone you may be considering.
Yes, bringing samples of your cabinet color, wall paint color, floor color, and/or tile backsplash color will help you navigate through our vast inventory and find a stone that will compliment your kitchen best.
Many of our stone options are available for viewing through our website (, and we also have a virtual yard tool for you to glance through our vast inventory (link: Virtual Yard)
Photos are a great way to become acquainted with our inventory, but it is recommended that you visit one of our locations, at least once, to view the stones in-person. Natural stones have many colors/textures/patterns and these variations are not always visible in photos. Digital images will often vary in color accuracy and contrast.
Whilst a majority of our stone options are cataloged through our website, we receive new shipments of materials on a regular basis that may not have been uploaded to our website. The newer shipments may vary in appearance due to the nature of the material. However, our sales team is available to provide photos of our in-stock materials at your request.
Of course - at, we provide samples of many of our in-stock items to our customers, free of charge.
Yes – due to the nature of the purchase and its long-term capacity, we don’t begin production without our customers' approval, according to the exact specifications of the fabricated slab(s) that will be used for their project(s). Once the stone has been templated, you are more than welcome to return to our office and a salesperson will escort you outside to view your requested slab(s). If you’re not available to return for the final selection, we can also send you photos for approval via email.
Great question. The next step would be to schedule an appointment for measurements to be taken. Our skilled and highly experienced template technicians will visit your home and record laser measurements of your project. During the template appointment, we can offer you advice at your request, and assist you with designing the layout of your countertops.
We ask for a deposit at the time of templating so that production can commence soon thereafter. You can pay the deposit directly to our template technician. The final balance will be due at the time of installation, paid to our installers.
Once the project has been templated, you’re welcome to visit our office. A sales rep will be there to escort you outside where you’ll be able to view your material of choice in-person. If the stone has variations in appearance, they will map out the areas of your project on the slab for you to approve. If you don’t wish to return to our office for final selection, we can also send you photos of your material via email for confirmation.
After (in-person) the final slab selection, a sales rep will escort you back to the office so that you can meet with one of our managers. The manager will finalize all the details of your project with you and calculate the final price and schedule an installation date. If you choose to make your final material selection via photo, a manager will call you to confirm all the details of your project and schedule installation after the photos have been reviewed and approved.
At, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to measure and fabricate our products, including the latest in CNC water jet and LT-2D/3D laser templating software. This kind of technology makes it possible for us to cut your stone quickly and precisely, and the whole process, including the installation, will take as little as two days!
Unfortunately, since our products are natural, the qualities of our materials (including porosity, acidic resistance, mineral composition, and durability) may vary from stone to stone, a factor that is outside of our control. Therefore – we do not offer warranties for natural stone products. However, we inform our clients beforehand about the possible vulnerabilities of natural stone products, and provide them with natural stone maintenance guides prior to installation. We also employ a fully staffed service department that can aid any of our clients if a complication arises (
Quartz is a man-made product – therefore, there are many companies that source, produce, and sell quartz slabs to fabricators like us. Many of our quartz products come with limited warranties, but these warranties are provided and fulfilled by the quartz suppliers, rather than companies like who merely order and fabricate the quartz for our customers. For more information regarding warranties and specific quartz suppliers, please contact a sales associate.
While granite is a very durable and highly recommended material option, most granites (especially lighter granites) will require periodic maintenance to ensure sufficient longevity to your countertops. You should seal your countertop 2-3 times a year to help prevent any messy liquids from penetrating your stone and possibly staining it.
Sealing your countertops (with water-based sealers) is a very simple process that you can certainly do yourself. Most water-based sealers will come in a container that you simply pour onto the countertop and spread evenly with a paper towel (please clean your countertops prior to sealing). After about 10-20 minutes, you’ll see that most of the sealer will seep into the pores of the stone. Simply wipe the rest off with a paper towel and you’re finished. DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that this information pertains to water-based sealers only. For oil-based sealers, please read the instructions thoroughly prior to application.
All the natural stones that we sell (with the exception of soapstone) are porous in nature and will require periodic sealing. Quartz is a man-made product that is non-porous and will not require sealing.
Quartz is highly durable and non-porous, which means you won’t have to worry much about staining or scratching – however, quartz does contain resins that are vulnerable to heat. Therefore, you shouldn’t place any item(s) over 250 degrees on the surface of your quartz countertops. If you do, please utilize a hot-plate or a trivet.
Generally, dish detergent and warm water will do the trick. also sells a natural stone cleaner which is VOC compliant, containing a small amount of sealer (We still advise you to seal your countertops twice a year with a true natural stone penetrator). Please avoid using any cleaning products which contain ammonia, bleach, or any abrasive substances – these chemicals can remove the sealant and dull the polish over time.
At, we accept payment via certified check, cashier’s check, money order, or ACH transfer. Please be aware that all ACH transfers must be cleared before production and/or installation can commence.
For installations, we ask for an initial deposit of roughly 50% of the estimated total at the time of templating. The remaining half will be due at installation. For pickup orders, we ask for the full payment before we can begin production.
If you have provided a deposit prior to templating and you decide to cancel the project before the template appointment, your deposit is 100% refundable. If you decide to cancel the project after templates have been taken, there will be a templating/cancellation fee deducted from your deposit. Cancellation fees are printed on the bottom of every estimate we provide and may vary depending on the distance and the details of your project. For further information, please contact a manager.
Yes, you’re welcome to put slabs on hold for your project at any point in time. For long-term holds, we ask for a deposit in the amount of $500.00 per slab, or an amount determined by a representative. This deposit will secure your chosen material for a period of 90 days and will be credited towards the final balance of your account. For a long-term hold longer than 90 days, please contact a manager. does not offer financing.
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