Tropical Sunset

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Every slab of natural stone is completely unique. Because of this, it’s important to visit one of our locations to see the variations in person.

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Material Information

Tropical Sunset granite is a brown stone with black and copper veining. This stone has slightly different veining and staining throughout the slab. For example, some areas have thin black veins while others have splotches of copper.

When choosing a slab for your home improvement project, be sure to analyze each carefully as some may have more or less of each shade. The copper elements of the stone can help to add warmth to a room, meanwhile, the grey elements can keep it neutral. This stone can go with just about any color combination, home decor style, or homeowner personality. Granite requires some minimal maintenance in order to keep the stone beautiful. We recommend utilizing a daily professional cleanser as well as periodic resealing every six months. Tropical Sunset granite, like other granites, is heat and scratch-resistant. This stone would look fantastic in places like kitchen or bathroom countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, or even in outside areas. Bring the allure and colors of a real tropical sunset with this gorgeous granite. The durability, ease of care, on top of its exquisite color scheme make it a stone worth fighting for.

Original Name: Tropical Sunset

Material Type: Granite

Country of Origin: Brazil

Colors: Brown, Black

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