Baltic Tan

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Every slab of natural stone is completely unique. Because of this, it’s important to visit one of our locations to see the variations in person.

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Material Information

Baltic Tan granite is a vibrant red stone with black splotches. This unique stone has black patterning evenly spread throughout the entire slab. This stone has unique depth, as its black patterning adds a deep contrast to the stone.

This stone is perfect for those looking to have a unique color scheme in their home, but wish to keep their home looking mature. Imagine the beauty of this stone in a modern kitchen with black and white accents; this is definitely the stone for you! Granite is popular in a variety of locations. For example, as kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes, or even vanity tops. It can remain beautiful with proper care. A daily professional cleaner as well as periodic resealing every six months. With this proper care, this stone will remain scratch and heat resistant for years to come, able to withstand even the toughest days. This is a game-changing stone, completely unique from other stones available on the market. It will bring out a passionate, dark but mature atmosphere to your home.

Original Name: Baltic Tan

Material Type: Granite

Country of Origin: United States

Colors: Red, Brown

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