What is the Average Cost of Limestone Countertops?

by Jeremy Troetti / August 06, 2019

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Last updated on December 20, 2019


Limestone is among the most beautiful natural stone countertop materials that you can choose for your home. Despite its beauty, however, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages that you will have to weigh before you make the decision to purchase. 


How Does Limestone Look? 


Limestone can be found in a variety of colors, ranging from dark gray to light gold. The variation in color is due to the presence of clay and organic remains that are part of the stone. 


What is the Average Cost of Limestone Countertops? 


On average, limestone countertops cost around $70 minimum per square foot installed. Prices can go all the way up to around $200 per square foot installed depending on a variety of factors. 


What Factors Impact the Cost of Limestone Countertops? 


There are numerous factors that impact the cost of limestone countertops. Some examples include: 


  • Cutouts for faucets and/or garbage disposals 

  • Difficulty of installation 

  • How much of the material you need 

  • Rare colors 


Cutouts for Faucets and/or Garbage Disposals 


It is likely that you will require cutouts for sink faucets and/or garbage disposals depending on where you are installing the countertop. These cutouts are likely to raise the overall price of the project. 


Difficulty of Installation 


Something else that can raise the cost of limestone countertop installation is the difficulty of the installation process. If your countertop needs to be cut in multiple different angles to work in the space, this will cause the cost to go up. 


How Much of the Material You Need 


As with any countertop material, one of the primary factors that can impact the cost is how much of the material you require for your project. The more limestone you need for your new countertop, the higher the cost of the project will be. 


Rare Colors 


Another factor that can cause prices to increase is rare colors. If you choose a color of limestone that is in limited supply, you can expect to pay more for it. 


Finishes for Limestone Countertops 


When purchasing your new limestone countertop, there are two options that you can choose from for finishes. You can choose to have either a honed finish or a polished finish. Both are explained in further detail below. 


Honed Finish 


A honed finish will give your limestone countertop more of a matte look. Having a honed finish will make your limestone countertop appear more natural looking. Honed finishes tend to cost more than polished finishes. 


Polished Finish 


If you are looking for a shinier finish, you can choose to have a polished finish. Having a polished finish will make your limestone countertop stand out in the room. Polished finishes usually cost less than honed finishes. 


How to Maintain Limestone Countertops 


One of the major downsides to having limestone countertops is the maintenance that you must keep up on. Although they look very nice, you will have to put in some effort to keep your limestone countertops looking that way. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your limestone countertop in top shape. 


Clean Spills Immediately 


To keep your limestone countertop in great shape, make sure to clean any spills that occur immediately. Limestone is porous and will stain very easily if you leave spills on the surface. This is especially the case when the spill in an acidic substance, such as orange juice or coffee. 


Wipe Daily with Stone Cleaner 


Another maintenance requirement for keeping your limestone countertops looking good is to wipe down the surface daily using a stone cleaner. Be sure to use only stone cleaner that is suitable for limestone, as any harsh cleaners could damage the countertop. 


No Exposure to Excessive Heat 


Although limestone countertops are heat resistant, they do have their limits when it comes to heat tolerance. Do not expose your limestone countertop to excessive heat. If you do so, the surface can become discolored. Some examples of excessive heat include hot pots and pans from the stove and hot hair styling tools. 


Seal Yearly 


Limestone countertops are porous and must be sealed every year to prevent potential liquid damages. 


Advantages and Disadvantages of Limestone Countertops 


Advantages and Disadvantages
Advantages Disadvantages
Stylish looks Porous
Heat resistant Cost
  Can become discolored
  Must be sealed every year


As you will find with any other countertop materials, limestone countertops come with advantages and disadvantages. Both categories are explained in further detail below. 


Advantages of Limestone Countertops 


Stylish Looks 


The primary advantage of limestone countertops is the high quality looks of the natural stone. Whether you choose gold, gray or any other color available, limestone will always bring attention to your countertop. 


Heat Resistant 


Limestone countertops are heat resistant to a certain extent. Do not expose the surface to excessive heat, as doing so might cause discoloration. 


Disadvantages of Limestone Countertops 




As is the case with many types of natural stone, limestone is porous. This means that you must be extremely careful not to spill liquids on the countertop – especially if those liquids are acidic. 




Limestone countertops can be relatively pricey. However, if you have determined that limestone is what you want, the pure beauty of these gorgeous natural stone countertops can be worth every penny. 


Can Become Discolored 


As mentioned several times, if your limestone countertops become subject to excessive heat, it can result in the surface becoming discolored. 


Must Be Sealed Every Year 


This is not as much of an inconvenience as it may sound like, as most natural stone countertops will require sealing. You would rather have your limestone countertop sealed properly than to have it sustain damages. 



If you are looking for a countertop material that is natural and stunning, limestone can check off both boxes. If you are willing to take proper care of limestone countertops, they will be well worth the cost. 

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