What is Caesarstone? Everything You Need to Know About the Brand

by Jeremy Troetti

Updated on September 23, 2019 11:32:34 AM

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Quartz countertops are some of the most popular surfaces on the market. The popularity of the material is mostly due to its beautiful appearance as well as the functional benefits it offers. Quartz is very easy to clean and take care of, which is why many homeowners make the decision to go with the material. This guide will walk you through what Caesarstone is, what quartz is in general and other helpful information for you to know. 


What is Caesarstone? 


Caesarstone is one of the top brands of quartz surfaces on the market. The company has been in business since 1987. While numbers will vary between different brands, Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces are manufactured by combining 93 percent quartz mineral with 7 percent polyresin. The company offers quartz surfaces in all different styles, including many that look like natural stone. 


What is Quartz? 


As you can tell by reading above, quartz is an engineered stone that is made from a combination of quartz mineral and polyresin. While the specific percentages in the combination vary between brands, all brands are around 90 percent quartz mineral and 10 percent polyresin. Quartz countertops rose to popularity as a viable alternative to natural stone surfaces. Quartz is beloved for the beauty and durability it offers as a countertop. In addition, quartz countertops are very easy to take care of. 


Why Should You Choose Caesarstone? 


Caesarstone countertops are one of the top quartz products on the market for many reasons. These reasons are listed in the following table and analyzed below. 

Caesarstone Benefits
High-Quality Looks
Easy to Maintain


High-Quality Looks 


Despite not being natural stone, do not think that this means Caesarstone does not look good. The surfaces are some of the most attractive that you will be able to find. Add that to the fact that they are very durable, and it is no wonder that the material is so popular. 


Easy to Maintain 


You do not need to worry about sealing a Caesarstone countertop like you would with most natural stone options. To clean a Caesarstone countertop, all you need is soap and water. 




Caesarstone countertops are one of the strongest options you can choose. Its strength is comparable to that of granite, which is one of the strongest natural stones. 




Because they are engineered, Caesarstone products are non-porous. This makes them resistant to scratches, stains, cracks, chips, mold and mildew. 




There are so many styles to choose from with Caesarstone. You will easily be able to find a style that fits the décor of any room. 




Caesarstone takes pride in practicing sustainability. The surface is one of the most eco-friendly countertop options that you will have. 


Where Can You Use Caesarstone in the House? 


Caesarstone can be used in a variety of applications in the home. The material is suitable for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, backsplashes and more. 


What Are Some Competitor Brands? 


Caesarstone’s primary competitors on the market are Silestone and Cambria. Both companies also offer a variety of quartz surfaces. 



When it comes to countertop materials, quartz is one of the best options you can select. Caesarstone quartz is some of the best quality material that you will find. Between the variety you will have to choose from and the functional benefits you will receive from quartz, Caesarstone surfaces are a great choice for any home. This guide will help you know more about Caesarstone and if it is a desirable choice for your home.

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