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Uses for Smaller Pieces of Stone

Written by Kyle Murray on September 25, 2017
Edited By Brian Freeman, Last Updated On January 03, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Feedback: can provide the best quality natural stones like marble, granite, soapstone, quartz, slate and quartzite that you will need to meet your customer’s demands. It is crucial to fill your container with slabs that represent all the current trends on the market from the hot new stone colors to the ever-popular veiny characteristic of natural stone like marble and granite.

Ideally, you will purchase large slabs of granite, marble, quartzite and even slate, but may find yourself with scraps left over around the slab yard after you cut the slabs to order. While your initial, and largest sale might be to the person installing the beautiful new stone countertops, those extra pieces of granite and marble can be used for many things and could be quite appealing to future buyers. By filling your container with slabs representing a full range of granite colors, you will best meet your customers’ needs, both concerning the initial installation and in terms of selling the remaining, smaller pieces of the slab.


Baking Preparation Area

Marble is one of the best surfaces for baking because it remains cool and does not heat up dough as you kneed. Many homeowners crave the luxury of a marble kitchen but cannot cope with the maintenance of an entirely marble kitchen countertop. Depending on the size of your marble slab remnant, you can offer it to a potential buyer as an accent piece that can be installed side by side a granite countertop. If it is much smaller, it could be offered as a stand-alone marble pastry board.

Cooking Stones

Slate and granite are both commonly used as cooking stones. They retain heat extremely well and provide a great spot to cook pizza on. Similarly, their flat surface is a wonderful area to grill vegetables and fish without worrying about the food slipping through the grill grates.

Lazy Susan

If you put a nice circular curve on the scrap piece of granite, marble, or slate, you can also create a beautiful spot to put condiments or other things out on the counter. A lazy susan could be used to add a different pop of another stone color to a kitchen, and depending upon the cut of the remnant, it could be a beautiful way to highlight the beautiful veins found in marble.

Serving Platter or Cheese Board

While you might not choose to make a large cutting board out of a stone like marble or granite, it can serve as an excellent small cheese board. Like with baking, marble is a great surface for cheese because it does not heat up the cheese and it can stay out for a long time without worrying about contamination.


Extra pieces of slate, marble or granite can be used for tables as well. A marble coffee table, end table, or even dining room table is a wonderful statement piece.


Pavers or Outdoor Use

Remnants of slate can be used for outdoor walkways and steps and provide a beautiful entrance to any home. Extra granite and marble is sometimes even large enough to frame an outdoor grilling station.

The possibilities to use extra pieces of stone are relatively unlimited, but you must remember that your remnants are there. We always suggest filling your container with a variety of stone colors to best meet all of your customers’ desires.

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