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Trending: Natural Stone as Wall Covering

Written by Stephen Baez on October 26, 2017
Edited By Brian Freeman, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Don’t be surprised if you hear about people considering natural stone from a different perspective — a vertical one. More and more homeowners are using natural stone not just on kitchen countertops, bar countertops, and bathroom vanities, but on the walls of their home.

And why not? Few materials have the natural beauty of granite or marble stones and each slab is like an exquisite work of art, created by the Earth itself. If someone loves them for their counters, it’s hardly surprising they might want them for the walls as well, and you’ll want to make sure you have slabs in your container that can serve this purpose.


You have probably already supplied marble stones that wound up on the walls of master bathroom suites. Wrapping the bathroom in marble or granite stones creates a genuine spa atmosphere in the home and is a great selection because they are also easy to clean. Calacatta marble, with its combination of distinct, deep grey veins and brilliant white, is a design choice for a bathroom that is truly timeless. White granite is also a popular selection, since it looks similar to marble but offers more durability and is non-porous.

What about other rooms? Again, the question is: why not? Covering a single wall in a dining room with a natural stone adds instant drama, and it can tie a home together if the slabs are similar to those in a nearby kitchen or bar countertop. Even the most striking paint color can’t add the elements that a beautiful natural stone will.

Many people will also want to bookmatch natural stones when they use them as wall coverings. What are bookmatched stones? It’s using two slabs that are very similar on the same wall mirroring each other to create a true gallery feel. Done well, the results are stunning, and provide a good reason for you to arrange slabs in a way that lets people see how they could work together. Whether it’s white marble, white granite, or another stunningly beautiful piece of stone, it’s helpful if stone colors are grouped in a way that designers and homeowners can imagine them next to each other.

Obviously, not every wall is a candidate for natural stone covering, and the cost of using it is definitely more than a can of paint or a roll of wallpaper. But as today’s consumer embraces more natural materials and eschews chemical processes, a stone is set to become a more popular design solution for walls. What’s more, many people have allergies that can make them extremely sensitive to materials like paint or stain, so they welcome an opportunity to use less of them and use granite or marble stones instead.

There’s also the maintenance issue. While painted walls will eventually need to be repaired and wallpaper will fade, a natural stone wall covering, properly installed, will endure for generations to come. It’s unlikely to have issues with chipping since walls aren’t typically the places where that can happen. And many natural stone choices, especially granite stones, are virtually impervious to stains — even a child with a marker and artistic desires will have a difficult time marring a wall that is covered in natural stone.


Recently, we have added Virtual room design planners accessible on our site that have all our stone colors available to be viewed in virtual rooms. Everyone can use this tool to view how a particular stone will look in a room. If your customers, for whatever reason, cannot visit your slab yard, they can view the stones in rooms that will give them an idea of how it will look in their remodel project.

Keep quality, high-impact slabs in your container to meet the demands of design professionals and forward-thinking homeowners. These slabs could end up as walls that make a unique, striking statement.

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