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Estimating the Price of Stone Countertop Installation and Labor

Written by Jorelle Baker on January 05, 2023
Edited By Tomasz Rydwelski, Last Updated On January 02, 2024
Reviewed By Kyle Murray
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Table of Contents

One of the biggest questions when remodeling your kitchen is, “what do I want my countertops to look like?” Kitchen countertops are one of the last steps in redesigning a room, but the right countertops can make or break the design you are trying to achieve. There’s a lot of questions to ask regarding what theme you want your countertops to fit, but an equally important question is how much it will cost you to make that theme a reality.

That is why we have experts here at to provide you the information you need to obtain the countertops you want. Our guide will break down how to calculate the size of your countertops and what factors contribute to those prices.

Calculating General Cost of Countertops Online

Calculating the general cost of countertops is not as easy as picking a material and getting a price. The simplest answer for calculating countertops is, “it depends.” Since every project is different, and rarely are any countertops the same dimensions, the price for countertops will be based upon the amount of material being used. Stone is charged by the sq. ft. being used and each stone is a different price. There are also add-on charges like edging, type of finish, designs, and rarity which will affect the price of what you will be paying. By using a free online estimator tool, you can input your layout and get a free estimate on what your countertops could cost to start budgeting wisely.

Average Stone Countertop Cost by Sq. Ft.

Since each stone is a different price, let us show a simple breakdown of the average cost for each stone by square footage we have available.


Stone Material


Price per Sq. Ft.





Granite is one of the most popular types of stone for countertops thanks to its high durability, heat resistance, variety of designs and minimal maintenance cost. Granite supports a high resistance to scratches and stains and has a natural stone look which has become more popular with homeowner redesigns.



Marble countertops are wonderful with their simplicity to fit most themes a homeowner is looking for. Marble possesses a high heat resistance and comes in a wide variety of colors; although has average durability when it comes to staining, scratching, and chipping. The lower resilience means it requires more follow-up care and maintenance, but the effort is always worth it as it has some of the more beautiful designs compared to other stone materials.



Unlike the other stone materials, Quartz countertops are manufactured. Quartz is made from combining the natural mineral quartz with a polyresin for adhesion and dyed to mimic the natural designs of sedimentary or metamorphic rock. Because it is engineered, it supports very high resistance to scratches, stains, heat and can come in limitless styles.



Quartzite is sandstone, compressed by heat and pressure to a crystallize form. Quartzite is very similar to Marble, having adequate stats regarding scratch and stain resistance, but an impressive heat resistance. Quartzite is often used as an alternative when homeowners want something similar to Marble.



Soapstone is a metamorphic rock composed from talc with varying other stones and minerals like schist mixed in. Soapstone is one of the softest rocks, having a low resistance to scratches, but with high heat and stain resistance. Soapstone is moderately easy to support and has a unique ability to darken over time.  



Onyx is a combination of quartz and morganite called chalcedony. Onyx is easily recognized by its parallel banded patterns and beautiful black and white natural contrast. One of the more magnificent stone material designs, Onyx can easily capture and enhance the theme of your home. Be mindful that Onyx does need some extra care and attention as it is not as sturdy as the other materials, sacrificing durability for beauty. Onyx is also a rarer material, meaning it will often be pricier.



Gemstones are formed through metamorphism and desired for their colorful designs, beautiful patterns, and spiritual properties. Gemstones are quite remarkable with outstanding scratch and stain resistance, relatively easy to maintain and overall excellent durability. However, Gemstones do not handle heat very well, so use caution when having it exposed to intense heat for long periods of time. Gemstones are considered a rare material to build with, so it will often cost more to install.



Limestone is a sedimentary rock made from calcite and dolomite. Limestone is very versatile for kitchen, bathroom, and pantry surround or floor paneling. Its soft texture amplifies the warm colors and patterns in its design, fitting well with a calming atmosphere. Limestone does require some work to maintain, so having it in the kitchen may not be best, but an excellent choice for bathrooms or fireplaces.



Travertine is a type of Limestone, thus sharing a lot of equivalent properties. While Limestone is a bit more durable, Travertine is better for low traffic areas. Ideally, if you want to upgrade your countertops in a location that doesn’t get high-traffic, Travertine is an excellent option for its affordability and more color combinations with warm and cold colors.



Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low grade metamorphism. Slate comes in multiple dark colors, which can easily fit into a more modern theme for your countertops. It has a good stain and heat resistance, with average durability to scratching. Slate is fairly easy to maintain, and hovers in the nice middle range of affordable to expensive.



Glass countertops are an excellent choice to stone as they are durable and easy to maintain. Glass has the beautiful shine which can fit any theme you wish to display, making it an affordable alternative if not interested in stone. Of course, use caution when installing glass as although it is scratch resistant, it can chip which can be costly to replace.   


Factors Contributing to General Cost of Countertops

Now that we have the general price for each stone, we can start discussing why these values have a wide cost margin. There is no fixed number on how much these changes could affect the price, but it is always good to be aware that these factors will contribute to what it will cost.

  • Quantity: The more material you need for your countertops, the more it will cost you.
  • Finish: The type of finish you want on your stone could alter the price as well, depending on what you choose. Honed and Polished finishes are quite common, look great and affordable when upgrading.  
  • Rarity: Depending on where the stone is quarried and how readily available it is to obtain; the price will be affected. Stones that come from a single quarry will be harder to obtain, thus more expensive to purchase.
  • Color & Detail: Certain colors are seen as more desirable than others. For instance, white Marble is currently regarded as more aesthetically pleasing than the darker colors. This popular color and pattern make it more expensive as the demand is higher than darker or warmer colored Marble.
  • Complexity: Countertops that have unique angles, curves and corners can require more material and time to install.


Add-On Charges for Countertop Cost

Countertop pricing is more than just the stone material and installation. It also requires:

  • Edging: Having the edges of the countertop shaped for a specific design is an extra charge. Edging is charged by the specific style and the linear footage. Inspect each edge with our Visualizer Edging Tool to get a better understanding of how they will fit your countertops.
  • Location: Depending on where you live, the price for countertop installation and labor could change the price. Typically, cities and large population regions have higher costs for stone countertop installation.
  • Cutouts: Stone countertops needs to be shaped with cutouts to fit the sink, faucet, and other accessories if applicable. On average, sink cutouts can range from $80 to $300 depending on how much modification is being performed. Kitchens with multiple sinks or cooktops will have extra charges as well.
  •  Old Countertop Removal & Disposal: The removal and disposal of old countertops is a separate charge as it is based on the sq. ft.    


We know it can seem like a lot of information to take in. It is, but we only use the best quality natural stone and are willing to work with you to get you the countertops you want.

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