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Estimating the Price of Marble Countertops with Cost and Labor

Written by Jorelle Baker on December 27, 2022
Edited By Amanda Kaiser, Last Updated On January 02, 2024
Reviewed By Tomasz Rydwelski
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An important aspect of designing your kitchen and establishing a theme you are comfortable with, are having the proper countertops. The right kitchen countertops can either make your kitchen feel like a natural expression of yourself while cooking or a mess of inconsistent tones and flavors.

When planning to replace your kitchen countertops, it’s essential to know the price you’ll be paying so you can budget wisely. Marble is an excellent choice for countertops as it’s very heat resistant, comes in a variety of colors and will look great no matter where you put it in your home.

It can get expensive installing marble countertops without a countertop estimator tool to see how much your marble countertop project will cost you. Marble countertops are pricey at first look, but it will always bring more value to your home.

Cost of Marble Countertops per Sq. Ft.

 Marble countertops can range from moderately affordable to expensive. Every marble is a different price, and the complexity of the job can change the overall cost. Marble can cost anywhere from $60-75 per sq. ft. to install.


What changes the price of marble countertops?

What makes marble so special is the wide variety of shapes, colors and designs it creates. What truly effects the price of marble are:

  1. Rarity: Marbles that are harder to obtain due to limited supply or by quarry location will cost more compared to those readily available. Rare marbles can be priced anywhere from $150 per sq. ft. or more depending on availability. Marbles quarried from a single location will have a higher price compared to marbles quarried from various sites.
  2. Color: Trending colors will always be at a higher cost due to its higher demand. Trends are continually changing, so 1 type of marble maybe expensive today, but next year the price can drop because another color is the new favorite.  
  3. Quantity: The more marble you need to make your countertops, the more expensive it will be.  Larger kitchens with bigger redesigns will cost more than a smaller kitchen doing a simple upgrade.
  4. Cutouts & Edges: Specialty edges and sink cutouts are a separate charge. Kitchens wanting to add another sink will add another charge and increase the price. Ordering premium edges will be more costly compared to ordering a popular and simple edge.
  5. Location: Depending on where you live in relation to the fabricator facility, the price for transportation of the materials will increase. On average, high-density areas and cities are more expensive to install marble countertops than rural areas. This does not affect projects picked-up by clients.
  6. Finishes: If you want that nice, clean, and shimmering marble look, then it will be an extra cost to have a polished finish.


What types of marble countertops are better?

Better is subjective when kitchen design is based on personal preference. Depending on the scheme of your kitchen, a moderately priced marble with darker colors and less design can look and feel better than the premium marbles with lighter colors and exotic patterns. It all depends on what you want for your kitchen and how you want to feel in it. Take a moment to inspect every marble countertop option available to see which marble resonates with you.


Common Marbles

 As the name suggests, Common Marbles are ones used most often for homeowners on a budget looking to upgrade their countertops to a natural stone appearance. They have beautiful designs and colors for an affordable price. Some of the most popular examples are:

Carrara Marble 

Carrara is very popular for its elegant white-blue-grey coloring and light veins running through it to brighten your kitchen or as an accent for your cabinets. Carrara has a long history with being utilized during the Roman Empire in 27 BC where it was called “Luna marble.”

Crema Marfil Marble    


Originally mined from Spain, this marble has a calmer and warmer feel with the light base and veins of brown and gold mixed in. Crema Marfil balances bringing warmth and comfort to the kitchen or bathroom.

Mandala Supreme Marble  

Mandala is quarried from Brazil and has remarkable brown and grey veins with speckles of gold, adding a glint in the light. With its darker colors combined with the white stone, it can be balanced for both lighter and darker rooms.


Premium Marbles

These marbles are much more costly due to the slab’s rarity and design complexity. Because these marble can be difficult to obtain, their prices can fluctuate; meaning the same marble could be more expensive next year than the previous. Premium marbles are excellent for businesses or those wishing to upgrade their countertops to change the scheme of the room. 

Some examples of Premium Marbles are:

Calacatta Borghini

When most people think of marble countertops, the image of a white base with deep grey veins flowing across it come to mind. That marble is called Calacatta Borghini, and it is the most popular and iconic marble in the world. This marble is more expensive than others because it is quarried from one location in the world, Carrara, Italy. Due to its scarcity, production is controlled and often limited to suppliers.

Calacatta Michelangelo

Calacatta Michelangelo is another marble quarried from Italy and a similar beautiful white stone with light grey veining as Borghini. Possessing lighter veining than its counterpart, this marble brightens the room and harks back when the Ancient Romans used it to decorate their homes.


Statuario is one of the softest and most elegant marbles that is highly sought after from the quarries of Italy. Like Calacatta, Statuario is rare to obtain and has the gorgeous white base, but with light gray lines for a subtle tone of color.


Travel Cost:

Depending on where you are located, the cost for the transportation of material and labor can increase the overall price. The farther away the job site is from the fabricator, the more it will cost to safely transport the materials.


Backsplash Installation:

A backsplash accents the countertops and should often match the countertops. When changing the countertops, it would be beneficial in changing the backsplash to match; otherwise, it could have a clashing contrast.

 A full backsplash can be correctly measured once the new marble countertop is installed, meaning it becomes a different cost to have the backsplash made and applied.


Overall, marble countertops can be a little expensive to install, but if you are mindful with what you want and budget properly, it is simple and all the effort will add more value to your home.      

National Average


(30 sq.ft. of moderate countertop with eased edge, undermount sink, and no backsplash)

Low: $2,000
Medium: $4,000
High: $6,000+

Cost to install kitchen countertops varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). Get free estimates from countertop installers in your city.

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