Montauk Black Slate

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Material Information

Montauk Black Slate is a grey-black stone. Sleek and elegant, this is an effortless stone, capable of staying fashionable through many different home design trends. This is a stone that would look fantastic in many different situations, from modern to industrial to even more traditional styles.

It is perfect for both creatively designed rooms as well as rooms that are simple and modern. There is definitely room for experimenting with a stone as traditional and beautiful as Montauk Black Slate. Next to stainless steel, the coloring of this stone will look like a perfect match. This stone can even be mixed with other stones. In addition to its fantastic appearance, slate is known for its durability. This stone is perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes and various other home surfaces. Slate is resistant to heat, stains and scratches due to its non-porous nature. This stone requires very little maintenance, especially in comparison to other stone materials. Montauk Black Slate can be the perfect finishing touch for any home, and it is a worthwhile investment as it will stay stylish and perfect for years to come.

Original Name: Montauk Black Slate

Material Type: Slate

Country of Origin: Brazil

Colors: Black

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