Carbon Grey Basalt Slate

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Carbon Grey Basalt is a dark grey slate. This natural stone material is fairly consistent, almost completely solid grey. Dark colored slate is particularly popular in the modern design world due to its timeless look.

This is ideal for those who wish to create a contrast with their already existing light-colored furniture. Pairing Carbon Grey Basalt with lightly stained wood or natural wood can completely alter the ambiance of your space! There is room for experimenting with a stone like Carbon Grey Basalt. Its simple nature is versatile and adaptable, ideal for homeowners who are decorating a new space. In addition to its appearance, the hardness and durability of slate is another worthwhile quality. Carbon Grey Basalt slate is perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes, and various other home structures. Slate is resistant to heat, stains, and scratches. There is very low maintenance required which assures that it will uphold its high quality for years to come. The qualities and physical appearance of this stunning carbon grey slate will convert you from the traditional stone options. Carbon Grey Basalt is definitely worth considering to completely change your space for the better.

Item Details:
Original Name: Carbon Grey Basalt
Material Type: Slate
Country of origin: Other
Colors: Grey
Material Application:
Exterior Elevation
Outside Barbecue
Outside Bar
Wash Station
Fireplace Surround
Butler Pantry
Bathroom Backsplash
Bathroom Vanity Top
Kitchen Backsplash
Kitchen Countertop
1. Can slate be used as countertop material?
Yes, slate can be used for kitchen countertops. It is a natural stone that is durable, and resistant to heat and scratches.
2. Do I need to seal slate countertops?
No, the slate material will not require sealing.
3. Can slate be used outdoors?
Yes, slate can be used for outdoor kitchens, bars, stairs, and even tiles.
4. Is slate heat resistant?
Yes, slate is heat resistant and will not be damaged by high temperatures.
5. Is slate chip resistant?
Slate countertops are scratch resistant, however, chips on slate countertops are common, especially around the edges.
FAQ General
1. Do you provide free samples? How many samples can I take?
At samples are free, and we encourage our clients to take up to ten samples per visit.
2. What materials can I find at your facilities?
All facilities carry slabs of granite, quartz, quartzite, marble, soapstone, slate, limestone, and travertine. Our Ridgefield Park yard has the largest selection, also offering slabs of gemstone, porcelain, and glass.
3. Why should I see a slab in person?
Since every slab of natural stone is completely unique, we recommend visiting one of our facilities to see slab patterns and variations in person.
4. Where does your material come from?
At we source our stone only from the most reputable quarries from around the globe, including those from Italy, Spain, Brazil, and India.
5. Why is some stone more expensive than others?
Stone slabs that are extremely rare and boast unique colors tend to be more expensive than commonly found stone.
6. Do I have to seal natural stone?
We do recommend sealing natural stone countertops periodically, the frequency of sealing the stone depends on the material.
7. What is a honed finish?
A honed stone finish refers to the smooth, matte surface of the material, which creates a visibly lighter and softer tone. While honed finish might be an ideal design choice for some homeowners, it also makes the stone more susceptible to staining and etching.
8. Can a chip on my countertop be repaired?
Most chips, smaller than a dime in diameter, can be repaired by the homeowner using a chip repair kit. We do recommend professional service care for larger chips.
9. Can I install my own countertops?
We recommend professional installation, completed by our trained technicians for all major projects, however some smaller pieces may be installed by the customers.
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