Onice Tanzania Dark Onyx

Onice Tanzania Dark Onyx is a truly extraordinary natural stone. Purple, white, and orange formations are found throughout the stone, creating patterns reminiscent of oddly shaped microscopic organisms or stone crystals. Like many varieties of onyx, this stone has translucent properties and can be backlit, making Onice Tanzania Dark a great decorative piece, or useful in low traffic areas, like bathrooms.
Original Name: Onice Tanzania Dark
Material Type: Onyx
Absorption by weight (%):
Density (kg/dm3):
Compressive strength (n/mm2):
Colors: Gold,White,Brown
Other Names:  
Online ID: 1146
Country of Origin: Other
Pattern Type: Veiny
Abrasion resistance hardness (mm:
Bending strenghts (n/mm2):
Outdoor use:

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