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What is Suede Granite?

Written by Amanda Kaiser on October 28, 2020
Edited By Marble Last Updated On February 28, 2023
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Classic granite is the most common countertop material found in the home today. Even with its popularity, many are unaware that shiny polished granite isn’t the only type of granite surface available. There are numerous types of granite finishes including polished, honed, caressed, and suede. Leathered or suede granite is a unique and beautiful countertop surface to add to your home. Suede granite is perfect for a homeowner looking for a natural rustic or rough industrial style countertop; it is often used for outdoor kitchens and surfaces. No matter what home project you are taking on whether it be a remodel or a new design, suede granite is a great option to consider. 

What are granite finishes?

Granite finishes refer to the appearance and texture of a slab of granite. Some of the types of granite finishes include polished, honed, suede, flamed, caressed, sandblasted, tumbled, bush-hammered, and sawn. There are many options to choose from based on your overall preference and desired look. The most common finishes for granite countertops are polished, honed, and leathered.


What is suede granite?

Suede Granite is also known as leathered granite is the type of finish applied to your stone countertops that give it a rough surface and matted look. Leathered granite has texture and grooves making it much different than the commonly found mirror-like polished granite finish.

How does Granite get suede/leathered finish?

There are many numerous steps in the finishing process to achieve a specific desired texture. Slabs start on an automated conveyor system and then take it through the various finishing stages. Everything from polishing wheels to diamond head brushes to water jets are used to create the desired granite finish.

In order to achieve a suede or leathered finish granite needs to go through a complex multi-step process which includes a diamond-tipped brush running over the stone’s surface repeatedly. Doing this will give the igneous rich natural grooves and texture. There are many different levels of texture when it comes to suede/ leathered granite it can be as smooth or rough as the homeowner’s preference.

Other Types of Finishes


The shined mirrored-like finish look is the most popular choice in interior design. Polished finishes give the surface a smooth and shiny sheen. This is the most common finish in most homes with granite countertops. Having granite with a polished finish allows for easy cleanup making it the most hygienic as well as being stain and scratch-resistant. This surface is much easier to keep clean than others finish.  A polished finish seals or closes more of the pores of the stone surface which helps the stone repel moisture. Polished granite is the most practical option for a busy home. 



Scratch and stain-resistant

Slippery surface

Hygenic finish 


Elegant finish



Matte finish bringing a casual natural look. Honed finishes are very similar to polished finishes but instead of leaving it shiny and polished it buffed to create a matte and low gloss sheen. Unlike polished granite honed granite is not highly reflective. Honed granite surfaces are smooth like polished with a matted rustic look like leathered granite.



Easily conceals smudges and dirt

More susceptible to staining

Rustic and textured look 

Imperfections in stone will be more noticeable


Porous surface


Textured finish with shine. Caressed finishes are a hybrid between leathered granite and polished granite. In order to get caressed granite leathered finished granite is taken and shine is added to it. This is a great finish if you are looking for easy maintenance with a rugged look.



Accentuates the stone’s natural color

More maintenance than polished surfaces

More stain-resistant than honed or leathered granite


Why choose suede/leather granite?

Suede granite is perfect for a unique home with a rustic or industrial feel. Suede granite also known as leathered granite has a contoured and textured look that leaves your countertops looking like authentic natural stone. Suede granite is low maintenance compared to other natural stones such as marble and soapstone. Another perk of suede granite is that the leather finish makes it harder to notice dirt and smudges due to its grooves and texture. 



Conceals smudges and dirt

Chips or scratches in stone will be more noticeable

Shows stones natural colors and texture

More maintenance than polished stone

Rustic and unique


Suede/ Leathered Finish Maintenance

Granite in general is a low maintenance stone. Suede granite is able to easily hide daily marks and smudges like fingerprints and watermarks because of its dark color (typically black granite) and dimple like texture. Daily cleaning and upkeep of all granite surfaces are always recommended in order to ensure your natural stone remains good as new.

When cleaning your suede granite surfaces it is best to use a pH-balanced cleanser or a mild non-acidic soap mixed with water. Use a sponge or washcloth on your suede granite and not a harsh bristol brush. Abrasive cleaners and products will gradually breakdown the sealer leaving your surface vulnerable to damage.


Should I seal suede/leathered granite?

It is recommended that no matter what granite surface you choose it should be sealed. Sealing granite ensures prevention measures are taken to prevent damage to your stone’s surface.

Where to put suede granite put in my home? 

A leathered granite countertop looks best stylish in a rustic or chic industrial kitchen design. Due to the dark colors and the rougher texture, a leathered granite countertop can also be an interesting choice for a bathroom, vanity top, or other surfaces. 

Leathered granite continues to rise in popularity, as many homeowners desire to have both beautiful and durable natural stone material in their homes. No matter where you decide to install it, leathered granite will provide a textured and natural look that can visually enhance any space.  All different types of granite have their pros and cons but one thing can be sure; granite is a beautiful natural stone that will increase your home’s values and appearance.

How should I install suede granite?

You will need a professional to install your granite countertop for you. You should not attempt to take on the job yourself since granite is a heavy material and can be very dangerous. Having a professional do the job can prevent any chipping or damages from happening when the countertop is being installed. Contact a reliable granite fabricator for more information.

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